5 new health trends to try by Charlotte Elizabeth #Health #Lifestyle

5 new health trends to try

This article is written by freelance writer Charlotte Elizabeth

As a nation we are becoming a lot more focussed on our health; free-from foods, vitamin-packed drinks and natural beauty products are appearing in more households across the UK. Taking good care of yourself has never been more fun, thanks to an influx of new products designed to make healthy living simple, easy and tasty.

This April, Natural and Organic Products Europe came to London ExCeL, showcasing the latest product launches and developments in natural and organic food, drinks and beauty. The show brought lots of inspiration on how to live healthily and identified the next trends set to hit the UK. Give your healthy lifestyle a boost with these five new products.

1. Drink a half-alcohol G&T

As summer approaches and the day’s get longer, an alfresco G&T is the choice for many. However alcoholic drinks are not the healthiest. Enter Fatty’s Organic Gin, and the brands’ recently launched Lower Alcohol Pink Grapefruit variant. At just 20% ABV, it is only half the amount of alcohol you would expect from a traditional gin, but does not compromise on the taste. Half alcohol beverages allow you to keep your summer social life, but make healthier choices.

Fatty’s Organic Pink Grapefruit Spirit Drink £35.00

2. Choose alkaline water

Staying hydrated is crucial for good health; it is essential for maintaining kidney function, delivering oxygen throughout the body and flushing out toxins. But not all water is created equal. Flow Alkaline Spring Water is new to the UK, offering a range of pure and flavoured naturally alkaline spring waters. Due to its unique origins in Canada, Flow waters contain natural minerals and electrolytes, and feature a pH of 8.1, giving you some added health benefits as you achieve your hydration goals.

Flow Water £1.29

3. Inhale a good mood

Stress is unavoidable in most peoples lives, indeed a study by the Mental Health Foundation recently found 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. AromaStick used the power of aromatherapy to create organic, herbal nasal inhalers designed to improve feelings of stress and anxiety. The blends are backed by science, with the AromaStick Calm, Balance and Relax blends proven to reduce stress-related physiological signs such as cortisol levels; helping you naturally elevate your mood.

AromaStick £6.99

4. Soak in antioxidants

Beauty fans are mastering the art of self care and turning their beauty routines into mindfulness moments; an opportunity to relax, unwind and re-centre. Facial sheet masks have been a big hit due to their convenient packaging and easy application, and in 2019, the bathtub is getting its spa makeover. Sea Magik have combined the antioxidant benefits of trendy turmeric with mineral-rich Dead Sea and Epsom salts, creating the perfect water to relax and restore your body and mind.

Sea Magic Turmeric Serenity Salts £8.99

5. Switch to ethical chocolate

As they say, a little bit of what you fancy does you good. So instead of cutting out chocolate completely, try switching to a bar which does good. Tony’s Chocolonely puts fair trade as well as taste at the forefront of their business. The company aims to end child slave trade associated with cocoa production by ensuring they pay above market average (set by large global manufacturers) for their ingredients; helping cocoa farmers out of poverty, and fostering long-term beneficial relationships. Delicious in more ways than one.

Tony’s Chocolonely £1.69