September 14

A beginner’s guide to dinghy sailing

Keen to give dinghy sailing a go? You’d be joining an enthusiastic community, with around 82,700 people having participated in sailing in England in 2021. You can sail at any time of year on lakes, reservoirs, rivers and, if you’re experienced enough, the sea. Here’s what you need to know to get started with your […]

September 12

Brian Conley’s 3rd Farewell Tour: A Night to Remember

photo of calm body of water during golden hour September 06

4 of the best spots for birdwatching in the UK

As the summer cools off, sun-worshippers might be mourning the warmest season whilst avid birdwatchers will be welcoming in autumn with gusto. That’s because it’s one of the most exciting seasons that sees mass migrations from the UK to hotter climates, and some friendly new arrivals who are here for the winter. With so many […]

September 01

5 Things to Know About the ‘Key Keeper Finders’ Treasure Hunt in Notting Hill by Ruby Zoe London

August 31

Unveiling the Soulful Journey of Irish Indie-Folk Artist Galvo: “Maybe” and “The HeARTist”

August 31

Israeli Stage Star Anat Porat Returns to Studio Music With Enchanting Debut

August 31

John Fishell’s Acoustic Journey: Rocker Goes Unplugged for UK Tour with Martha Makes Mistakes, Rowsie, and Holly Henderson

Bridging Continents and Genres: A Transatlantic Acoustic Adventure John Fishell, the renowned US rocker, is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his musical journey. After building a devoted fan base in the United States, Fishell is crossing the Atlantic to grace the UK with his “Testing the Waters” acoustic tour. This tour, unlike anything […]

August 30

5 Exceptional Strategies to Leave a Lasting Impact on Your Business Partners

In the competitive world of business, making a remarkable impression on your partners and clients requires way more than just the usual tactics, to properly stand out. This is why we tailored five meticulously crafted strategies that are designed to captivate your audience and showcase your commitment to building a truly meaningful and fruitful relationship. […]

August 29

5 Things You Need to Know About the Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual world that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a place where people can interact with each other, create content, and explore new possibilities. Here are 5 things you need to know about the metaverse: The metaverse is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to […]

August 29

5 Things Young Girls Can Learn About Resilience at LEGO Play Sessions this September

LEGO Play Sessions are a great way for young girls to learn about resilience and build confidence. The toy brand is teaming up with female footballers to host a series of workshops where girls will learn how to bounce back from setbacks, both on and off the pitch. They’ll also get to meet top female footballers and learn about their stories of resilience.

August 29

5 Things You Need to Know About the Great Scotland Yard Hotel’s Partnership with British Designer Emily Carter for London Fashion Week September 15th-29th

August 28

5 things about the ROXY Stay Magical ERJAA03828 Women’s Surf Poncho

Upgrade Your Beach Experience: The Ultimate Changing Robe for Women In summary, the ROXY Stay Magical ERJAA03828 Women’s Surf Poncho is your premium changing robe made from terry cotton fabric. With its kangaroo pocket, generous size, and user-approved comfort, it’s a must-have for modern women seeking convenience and style during beach outings and beyond.

August 28

5 Simple Wellbeing Practices to Enhance Your Day! Written by Founder & CEO of Nutraleya, Aleya Chowdhury

n our fast-paced world, prioritizing wellbeing is crucial for a fulfilling life. Small daily practices can make a big difference. Begin your day with mindfulness, move your body, practice gratitude, stay nourished, and connect with others. As a holistic health advocate, I encourage these habits for a positive mindset and resilience. By nurturing body and mind, you pave the way for a better quality of life. Aleya Chowdhury
Nutritional Therapist
CEO of Nutraleya

August 27

5 Unmissable Highlights at Sticky Mango London near Tower Bridge

Discover an unparalleled culinary experience in the heart of London with Sticky Mango London near Tower Bridge. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavours of South-East Asian cuisine crafted by Chef Peter Lloyd. From live tableside cooking to stunning Tower Bridge views, explore 5 captivating reasons to visit Sticky Mango’s flagship restaurant. Book your table now at and get ready to indulge in an unforgettable dining adventure. Don’t miss out on this culinary gem, and stay tuned for the upcoming launch of Sticky Mango Islington in late September 2023.

August 25

Dive into the Magic of Harry Potter LEGO 2023: 5 Enchanting Ways to Celebrate Back To Hogwarts

Dive into the enchanting world of Harry Potter LEGO 2023 as September heralds the start of a new school year in the Wizarding World. Join the Back To Hogwarts celebration, where the LEGO Group invites fans to experience magic and creativity in their stores across the UK. Unveil the captivating LEGO® Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition (76417), meet the ingenious creators behind it, craft your own wand, and even stand a chance to win tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Immerse yourself in the wizarding wonder through the full range of LEGO® Harry Potter™ products online, and let your imagination take flight with this magical journey.

August 25

Take a Lunn’s Mums Fitness Class – available in Shepperton, Staines & Laleham

Mums Fitness Classes in Shepperton, Staines & Laleham 💪🏻A fun fitness class for you and your baby/ child to enjoy 👩‍👧👦🏼🤰Facebook/ Instagram: Lunns Mums FitnessEmail:

August 25

For Tonight – a West-End staged concert show of a brand-new musical – 5th September

The West-End staged concert show of a brand-new musical titled For Tonight is announced today, taking place at the Adelphi Theatre on the 5 September, starring Amy Di Bartolomeo. Amy began her journey with ‘For Tonight’ during the lockdown and is delighted to be back playing the role she originated as both the show and […]

August 24

5 Things to Expect at the Ultimate Sing-Along Extravaganza with MASSAOKE at G Live Guildford Friday 22nd September

Step into the world of musical magic with MASSAOKE, the sensational live band that’s taking the UK by storm. In our latest blog post, we delve into the top 5 reasons why you can’t afford to miss this ultimate sing-along experience. From transporting you through the decades with hairbrush anthems to igniting your inner rockstar with sequins and spandex, MASSAOKE promises an electrifying night of music and memories. Get ready to join the crowd, unleash your vocal prowess, and immerse yourself in a sea of lyrics and laughter. Check out our blog to discover why this event is the talk of the town and a must for every music lover’s bucket list.

August 24

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Gantry’s Botanist Gin Pizza Party on the Terrace this Bank Holiday

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Gantry’s Botanist Gin Pizza Party on the Terrace this Bank Holiday Don’t miss out on this opportunity to savour delectable pizza, exquisite cocktails, and the enchanting atmosphere of The Gantry’s Botanist Gin Pizza Party on the Terrace this Bank Holiday. Book your tickets now and treat yourself to […]

table with plants in boardroom August 23

9 Major Lessons Every Industry Can Learn from Green Companies

Green companies, also known as sustainable or eco-friendly businesses, have become a driving force in today’s economy. Their emphasis on environmental responsibility and ethical practices has not only contributed to a healthier planet but also yielded significant business advantages. Across various industries, there are vital lessons to be learned from these green pioneers. This article […]

August 23

Discover the Art of Japanese Tea: The Prince Akatoki’s Exclusive Monthly Tea Ceremony Experience – London, Marylebone

Step into a world of tranquility and cultural discovery with our exclusive monthly Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience at The Prince Akatoki. From August to December 2023, join us in the Malt Lounge as we unravel the artistry and history of Japanese tea culture.

August 22

Listen to the new single by Rick Astley Never Gonna Stop – out today

August 15

5 things about Yogle, Kids Yoga classes, Wimbledon

One Yogle’s conception happened many years ago in California where I got my Kids Yoga Teacher Training certificate in 2017. My core belief is that mindfulness is so important for kids because it equips them with tools to self-regulate their emotions/feelings and deal with academic anxiety and stress. It also cultivates focus and concentration while making them […]

August 10

Exclusive First Look: Jocasta Almgill’s Captivating Performance in GREASE at Dominion Theatre

August 09

Hollycombe – Summer Days of a Bygone Era

Although too young to remember it, my parents have fond memories of a summers day spent with my sister Hannah and I as little girls at Hollycombe Steam in the Country. Hollycombe is a working steam museum based in Liphook, Hampshire. The museum is a not-for-profit educational charity, run by volunteers from ages 12 to […]

August 08

Savour the Flavours of Sicily: Villatravellers’ Irresistible Gourmet Journey

August 08

Culinary Delights Await: Chef Nelly Robinson’s Pop-Up at InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort!

August 08

Sani Gourmet Food Festival’s Michelin-Starred Delights and Sustainable Culinary Initiatives – Greece

August 08

Indulge in Exquisite Dining: The Seahorse Restaurant’s New Tasting Menu at Grand Central Hotel Belfast

August 08

Have a family day at HollyCombe Steam in the Country collection in Hampshire

August 07

Guide to sustainable tourism in Italy

Italy has long occupied a top spot on the list of must-visit destinations in Europe and it’s no surprise what with the bountiful culture, cuisine and history offered. However, the negative effects of over-tourism largely impact smaller, more rural areas and historic cities like Venice. Here are some ways you can still experience the beauty […]

August 04

Key Considerations for Small Builders in London

London is notorious for its high cost of living, premium house prices, and competitive business market. But, among the challenges faced by small builders looking to make a profit in the capital, there are also plenty of opportunities.  We’ll take a look at why London is seeing an increase in home renovation and how small […]

August 03

Immerse Yourself in Cognac’s Culture: Unforgettable Experiences at Hôtel Chais Monnet & Spa

August 02

Thrilling Adventures Await at Gripped London: Your Ultimate Global Climbing Day Destination!

July 28

Edinburgh Fringe Comedienne Fielding Edlow shares her 5 things to do today

Most people do their job from bed nowadays. Not just the irritating 22 year-old microdosing millennial named Meadow Running Brook – a lot of people. I know most people say, “successful people get up early” or something banal like that… Elon Musk and his child, “bar code” or whatever he calls them probably doesn’t saunter […]

July 26

Sex, Lies and Spies: Reimagining the Profumo Affair through Art, Brick Lane, London

The exhibition ‘Sex, Lies and Spies’ promises to be an insightful and engaging portrayal of a historical event that had far-reaching consequences, while also drawing attention to the personal struggles faced by one of its key figures, Christine Keeler. 216 Brick Lane Shoreditch London E1 6SA More information

July 26

Sauce by The Langham: Forest to Fork cooking classes

body of water wave July 25

How to become a professional freelance photographer

If you love photography and want to turn your passion into a profession, it can be tricky to know where to start. There’s a lot to think about, from building your brand to organising your finances as a self-employed person.  That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to help you get started. Here are […]

abstract art ball blue July 24

5 things you need to know about why use LED lighting

Did you know that using LED technology can not only save you a lot of money on your electricity bill, but is also good for the environment? What’s more, did you know that LEDs are becoming very popular in both the commercial and real estate sectors thanks to their reliability and durability?  If you were […]

July 20

Hobbledown Hullabaloo: A Marvellous Summer Extravaganza at Hobbledown Heath, Hounslow

Step into a realm of boundless wonder at Hobbledown Hullabaloo, the most enchanting summer extravaganza in West London’s Hobbledown Heath. From Carnival of Colours to Water Wowza and Bubble & Book Weeks, unleash your imagination and create cherished memories amidst captivating adventures for the whole family. Don’t miss this magical experience!

July 20

Tips for Selecting the Right Indoor Playground

Choosing the right indoor playground for your kids is a vital decision that needs careful consideration. Furthermore, an attractive and well-designed indoor playground can enhance the overall experience for children and their families.  Bright colors, engaging themes, and interactive elements create a visually stimulating and enjoyable environment that attracts and captivates children. This transforms into […]

July 19

A Delightful Evening of 5 Things at The Churchill Bar & Terrace, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

The Churchill Bar & Terrace in Marylebone unveils UNITY, a new cocktail menu that takes guests on a thrilling journey of different cultures, all while honoring sustainability. With twelve signature cocktails inspired by the Americas, Asia, and Europe, UNITY is a celebration of diverse flavors and ingredients, creating unforgettable taste experiences.

aluminum audio close up design July 17

How to choose the right speakers and get the best sound

Choosing the right speakers involves considerations such as budgeting, room layout, speaker type, and usage. Factors like room size, acoustics, and personal preferences come into play when deciding between floor standers or stand mounters. Additionally, Bluetooth speakers offer convenience and portability. Make an informed decision for optimal sound quality. #SpeakerShopping #AudioTech

July 17

5 tips for parents of beginner musicians

Rachel Staunton, a professional conductor trained at London’s Royal Academy of Music, shares invaluable tips for parents of beginner instrumentalists. From exposing children to diverse music styles to encouraging improvisation and active parental involvement, her insights aim to foster a love for music in young minds. She also highlights the benefits of joining a choir for musical development.

modern room interior with furniture at home July 17

How to safely do DIY electric work 

DIY is on the rise and for very good reason. Whether you’re looking to avoid hefty service fees and save some money or trying to avoid rogue traders, doing some DIY electrical work around the house has probably come to mind once or twice. In 2022, the total sales in the UK DIY market amounted […]

July 17

Flooring Hut Ltd: 5 Key Highlights from the Generous Donation to K2 Leisure Centre

Flooring Hut Ltd, a leading UK online retailer of carpets and flooring, has made a generous donation to K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley. Director David Greaves gifted a wall clock to the centre, aiming to enhance the experience of squash players by allowing them to easily track their playing time.

July 16

5 Exciting Things to Expect at the World’s First Indoor Hybrid Football Arena, Addlestone, Backed by Women’s International Stars

Get ready for an unprecedented football experience as KickX, the world’s first indoor hybrid football arena, opens its doors in Surrey. Backed by international stars Millie Bright, Rachel Daly, and Katie Chapman, KickX offers exciting micro-sided formats and cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Prepare to redefine how we play and enjoy the game.

July 15

5 Things to Experience at The Forest Side, Lake District’s Ultimate Countryside Escape

Escape to The Forest Side, a picturesque Victorian mansion nestled in the serene countryside of the Lake District. Indulge in the culinary wonders of the Michelin-starred restaurant, where head chef Paul Leonard crafts exquisite dishes using locally sourced produce. Immerse yourself in the charm of this idyllic retreat, a haven for nature lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

July 14

Interview with stand up comic Michelle Brasier

How did you come up with the idea for “Reform,” a show based on a true story of being scammed and becoming the emergency contact for the scammer?  While it was happening, I was giving live updates on my friend’s podcast, ‘Free to a Good Home’ and on our major Aussie radio station which people […]

July 14

Unveiling the Untold Stories: Bernie Taupin in Conversation with Paul Gambaccini – 5 things about it.

Join us for an extraordinary live event as legendary lyricist Bernie Taupin sits down with broadcasting icon Paul Gambaccini to share the untold stories behind his phenomenal career and the creative partnership with Elton John that produced timeless hits. Prepare to be captivated by the vivid memories, encounters with music legends and notable personalities, and […]

boy in black framed eyeglasses lying on bed July 13

Screen Sense: A Guide to Balancing Screen Time for Six-Year-Olds e-book

Are you concerned about the impact of excessive screen time on your six-year-old? Do you want to create a healthy digital lifestyle for your child without resorting to pushy sales tactics? Look no further than “Screen Sense: A Guide to Balancing Screen Time for Six-Year-Olds.” This e-book is designed to provide you with valuable insights […]

author blog create creative July 13

A practical guide for writing Search-Friendly Blog Posts e-book

Unlock the power of search engine optimization (SEO) with our practical guide on writing search-friendly blog posts. This e-book is your roadmap to enhancing your blog’s visibility, attracting organic traffic, and reaching your target audience. Learn the fundamentals of SEO, conduct effective keyword research, optimize your content, and implement on-page and off-page strategies. With actionable […]

July 12

5 things about The Berkeley Hotel, London

July 12

5 things about The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, London

tower bridge July 12

A days itinerary in London including lunch at The Guinea Grill, Mayfair

July 12

Singer and Songwriter Harleymoon Kemp shares her 5 things to do today with us – New Single Fast Fwd available now

New Single Fast Fwd available to stream now Harleymoon Kemp crafted her trade in Nashville and is ready to break the pop circuit with her new single Fast Fwd which was released on July 7th on all streaming platforms. With 1.2 Billion Streams on Tiktok for her writing credits she quickly found herself winning ‘Best New […]

July 11

5 things about The Guinea Grill pub and restaurant, Mayfair, London

The Guinea Grill One Savour a delightful pint or your beverage of choice at our inviting bar, adding an extra touch of enjoyment to your dining experience. Our unpretentious bar area provides a serene environment, allowing you to unwind and bask in the pleasant atmosphere enhanced by air conditioning. If you prefer to soak up […]

July 11

5 Reasons Why ‘The Importance of Being… Earnest?’ is a Must-See Interactive Comedy

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary theatre experience. ‘The Importance of Being… Earnest?’ has captivated audiences with its interactive brilliance, comedic genius, and the sheer joy of participating in the unexpected. Join the tour, embrace the laughter, and witness firsthand why this show has become a sensation across the UK theatre […]

July 11

Ruben’s Reubens x ManiLife: A Cult-Favourite Peanut Butter Brand Meets London Smokehouse for an Unforgettable BBQ Collaboration at Rye by the Water

Join Cult favourite peanut butter brand ManiLife and Ruben Dawnay from popular London smokehouse Ruben’s Reubens for an exclusive collaboration during Ruben’s summer BBQ residency at Rye by the Water. This special event will only take place for one weekend, on Friday 14th July and Sunday 16th July. Ruben will be serving up a mouthwatering […]

July 09

5 Things to Know about Exclusive Collection’s Holistic Beauty Reloaded Treatments for Cancer Wellness: South Lodge in Sussex and Pennyhill Park in Surrey

One Discover a groundbreaking initiative by the luxury hotel group Exclusive Collection in the UK. In partnership with innovative skincare brand [comfort zone] and the registered charity Wellness for Cancer, Exclusive Collection has introduced a pioneering program called Beauty Reloaded. Designed to cater to individuals affected by cancer, these holistic treatments aim to provide a […]

July 07

Actress, singer, recording artist and writer Melissa Errico shares her 5 things to do today

Melissa Errico Where would I have my ideal day?  Well, I was lucky enough to be in Paris for a spell this spring, doing a series of concerts with my dear friend and soul-sister Isabelle Georges, and my days there were very nearly perfect. So, Herewith, a five-beat sample. One Breakfast! I am normally a good breakfast-maker, at home, making perfect six […]

white ceramic bathtub near white ceramic bathtub July 06

Selling up? Here’s how to spruce up your outdated bathroom and boost the asking price

ver step out of your shower in the morning and feel you’ve just exited a time machine? Out of the transtemporal steam emerges avocado-toned tiling, a worn wooden loo seat, rusted light fittings and all manner of other lavatorial abominations. You quickly realise your bathroom’s well past its shelf life – yes, after a while, […]

July 06

Change Your World with Supercolor – Less Carbon, More Colour

In summary, Geomag’s Supercolor range combines sustainability, creativity, and educational value. With its use of recycled materials, focus on STEM skills, encouragement of social interaction, compatibility with other sets, and long-lasting durability, Supercolor sets offer children a fun and eco-friendly way to learn, create, and change the world through colorful and sustainable play. The Geomag […]

July 04

Frank Skinner’s Return to Edinburgh Fringe: 5 Things to Know about ’30 Years of Dirt’ and His Comedy Legacy

Comic legend Frank Skinner is set to make a highly anticipated return to the Edinburgh Fringe with his show “30 Years of Dirt.” Following his critically acclaimed, sell-out national tour “Showbiz” and a successful residency at the West End’s Garrick Theatre, Skinner will be performing every evening at the Assembly George Square – Gordon Aikman […]

July 04

Quinny Revisits an Old Favourite with “Rumours” – Live Session

Melbourne-based indie rocker Quinny is back with a delightful surprise for fans of Brit-Era Indie. His latest single, “Rumours – Live Session,” recorded at Old Hairdressers in Glasgow, captures the essence of Quinny’s talents as an endlessly relatable singer-songwriter. Released on June 1st, 2023, this track brings together rapid guitar stabs, energetic drum fills, and […]

July 04

The Enigmatic Tours of Sandra Shevey: Unveiling Alfred Hitchcock’s World and Lennon’s Legacy

July 03

5 things about The Albert Arms in Esher, Surrey

One The Albert Arms offers a diverse and enticing menu crafted by their head chef, Gordon, who skillfully combines local and seasonal ingredients to create a fusion of traditional and innovative dishes. This ensures that every visit to the pub guarantees a delightful dining experience. Two Alongside their exceptional food, the Albert Arms boasts an […]

July 03

Unleash the Fun at HARIBO ‘Hide n Seekers’ Experience: UK’s Largest Ball Pit at Bluewater!

Get ready for a summer filled with free fun and laughter! HARIBO, the beloved makers of sweet treats, is bringing the exciting ‘Hide n Seekers’ experience to Bluewater Shopping Centre this August. It’s an event that promises to be a scorcher and is perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. So get ready to make happy […]

July 03

42 Balloons: An Uplifting New Musical Soaring Into The Lowry in Spring 2024

Soar into an extraordinary world of dreams and determination with “42 Balloons,” an uplifting new musical set to take The Lowry by storm in Spring 2024. Inspired by the true story of Larry Walters and his incredible flight using 42 balloons and a lawn chair, this musical extravaganza combines a pop-inspired score, a stellar cast […]

July 01

5 Reasons to Experience the New Spa Cabanas at Pennyhill Park, Surrey

Escape to the stunning Surrey woodland and immerse yourself in the luxurious oasis of Pennyhill Park. This exquisite spa and hotel retreat has recently unveiled its newest gem: four private spa cabanas. With their copper bathtubs and personal spa loungers, these cabanas offer an unparalleled level of tranquility and seclusion. If you’re wondering why you […]

photo of red car parked June 30

How to look after a high-mileage car

High-mileage cars are cheaper to buy and often cheaper to run, making them an affordable option for many drivers. With the cost of motoring so high at the minute, getting every last bit of life out of an older car is always worthwhile. But without the proper care and maintenance, they can end up costing […]

June 30

5 Things to Know About GPE’s Future London Photography Award Winner, Nico Froehlich

GPE, a leading London property development company, recently revealed the winner of its prestigious ‘GPE Future London Photography Award 2023’. Nico Froehlich, an emerging talent hailing from South East London, has been honored with the opportunity to exhibit his captivating portfolio, showcasing authentic London community life. This blog post delves into the details of Nico’s […]

June 30

The Importance of Proper Insulation for Electrical Safety: A Comprehensive Guide

Mains electricity has the potential to inflict severe injury and even death. It’s therefore essential that it’s treated with respect. Only qualified people should handle it, and a range of safety measures should be used to prevent the unwary from accidentally hurting themselves. One of the most fundamental of these measures is insulation. This is […]

June 29

5 Exciting Transformations at Holiday Inn London Sutton: Unveiling a £750,000 Open Lobby Concept, 23 Premium Bedrooms, a New Meeting Room, and More!

Experience the Future of Hospitality at Holiday Inn London SuttonThe Open Lobby concept at Holiday Inn London Sutton sets a new standard for modern hospitality, catering to the evolving needs of guests and providing a seamless blend of work and leisure. With its prime location, welcoming rooms, health club, on-site parking, and proximity to major […]

June 29

“Discover Marble Arch: John Nash Returns for Historical Walks, Free Character-led Tours, and Special Access for Reduced Mobility”

June 29

5 Crucial Aspects of Alcohol Awareness Week: Exploring the Cost-of-Living Crisis and Its Effects on Alcohol Consumption by addictions counsellor Lee Hawker-Lecesne

Alcohol Awareness Week, taking place from 3-9 July 2023, serves as a crucial opportunity for individuals who consume alcohol to reflect on their drinking habits. Despite its widespread availability and cultural acceptance, alcohol is a highly addictive and toxic drug with significant long-term effects on our mental and physical well-being. This blog post will explore […]

June 28

5 Must-Experience Highlights at the Triumphant Return of Feria de Londres in Wembley Park

The Feria de Londres, one of the largest celebrations of Spanish culture in the UK, is making a triumphant return to London this summer. Taking place on the 29th and 30th of July, this year’s festival will be held in a new location – Wembley Park, London’s most exciting new neighborhood. With its vibrant atmosphere […]

June 28

5 Things to Know About Ania Magliano’s “I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This”

June 28

5 Things to Know about “Sophie Sucks Face” at Underbelly Bristo Square: Dexter

June 27

5 Things to Sail Through the School Summer Holidays with Uber Boat by Thames Clippers

1. Tower Bridge Exhibition: Start your adventure at Tower Pier, where you can explore the captivating history and architecture of the iconic Tower Bridge. Walk along the high-level walkways, enjoy breathtaking views of the city, and even watch London’s red buses pass by through a glass floor. Sailing under this magnificent landmark is an experience […]

June 26

5 Things to Know About the Port of Dover Regatta

The Port of Dover Regatta is set to be a memorable event, combining exhilarating dragon boat racing, live music, family entertainment, and support for local charities. Don’t miss out on this exciting day by the coast. Join in the fun and festivities at Dover’s waterfront this Saturday, July 1st.

June 25

5 Things to Look Forward to at Classics Day: Luxury and Beauty in the Ancient World at the British Museum

Explore the opulence and allure of the ancient world at Classics Day, hosted by City Lit in collaboration with the British Museum. Immerse yourself in the fascinating theme of Luxury and Beauty in the Ancient World, featuring renowned classicists and a range of captivating courses. Discover the top five highlights of this highly anticipated event that promises to take you on a journey through time.

June 22

5 Things to Know about the Partnership between 100 Queen’s Gate Hotel and the Royal Albert Hall

Discover the exciting partnership between 100 Queen’s Gate Hotel and the legendary Royal Albert Hall. Offering unique experiences and show-and-hotel-stay packages, this luxury Victorian hotel invites guests to immerse themselves in the best of South Kensington’s cultural scene. With new experiential packages, including family stays and access to the Hall’s world-famous shows, visitors can enjoy a complete cultural adventure. Stay tuned for a thrilling competition to win a stay and tickets to the Hall’s highly-anticipated Christmas shows. Experience the perfect combination of luxury and entertainment with 100 Queen’s Gate Hotel and the Royal Albert Hall.

June 22

5 Things to Know About Sani Festival: A Musical Extravaganza at Sani Resort

Sani Resort is delighted to announce the return of their renowned music festival, Sani Festival, featuring living legends and internationally acclaimed artists. Held atop Sani Hill, this cultural institution offers a summer of elevated entertainment and authentic art. Don’t miss out on this musical extravaganza at the leading family resort in Greece.

June 22

5 Things to Love About Clays: Wimbledon Celebration Edition

Clays, London’s premier indoor virtual clay target shooting experience and bar, located in Canary Wharf and Moorgate, is embracing the spirit of Wimbledon with a quintessentially British offering. From July 3rd to July 16th, guests can immerse themselves in the much-loved tournament while enjoying Clays’ unique interactive shooting experience, complemented by a delightful selection of […]

person cleaning hands on lavatory June 22

Avoiding Scams: Tips for Finding a Reputable Plumber in Redditch

When plumbing woes strike, the need for a reliable plumber becomes paramount. Unfortunately, amid the myriad of plumbing service providers in Redditch, identifying a reputable one can be challenging. The fear of scams, substandard services, and unjustifiable pricing can turn a seemingly straightforward task into an arduous process. This blog is aimed at providing insightful […]

happy ethnic woman sitting at table with laptop June 22

IT Consultancy for Startups: What You Need to Know

In a digital age where technology is the backbone of nearly all business operations, establishing a robust IT foundation is crucial for startups. However, it’s not uncommon for new businesses to face challenges in leveraging technology optimally due to constraints such as lack of expertise, financial limitations, or simply an unclear vision. That’s where IT […]

man in white and black striped veil having a haircut June 21

Guys: here are 4 must-have items to keep a top-form grooming game while travelling

Guys: here are 4 must-have items to keep a top-form grooming game while travelling Getting ready for a trip of a lifetime? You’re not alone: according to the Department for Education and Skills, between 200,000 to 250,000 young people head off on a gap year each year. That’s an awful lot of guys being let […]

June 21

5 Things to Know About Pierre Novellie’s Stand-Up Show ‘Why Are You Laughing?’

Don’t miss out on Pierre Novellie’s uproarious new stand-up show, ‘Why Are You Laughing?’, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With his trademark intellectual wit and observational comedy, Pierre takes on UK drinking culture, reveals his decision to lie, and shares how a dog thwarted his saxophone dreams. With sold-out shows and critical acclaim, Pierre’s comedic mastery shines through in this hilarious and thought-provoking performance. Get ready for an evening packed with belly laughs and expert storytelling as Pierre Novellie delivers an unforgettable comedy experience.

June 21

5 Things to Celebrate London Pride at The Top Hat Restaurant & Bar

London Pride is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than at The Top Hat Restaurant & Bar on Tottenham Court Road? From limited-edition Pride cocktails to a bottomless roast, here are five things you can look forward to at this vibrant establishment.

June 20

5 Things That Make “Fastlove: The George Michael Tribute” a Must-See Show

Fastlove: The George Michael Tribute” is not just a concert; it’s a mesmerizing celebration of the late, great George Michael. Join us as we relive the iconic hits and create new memories in this stunning production. Led by the talented Joseph Sansome, the cast pays homage to George Michael with power, emotion, and star quality. From the infectious pop tunes of Wham! to the soulful ballads of his solo career, this show has it all. Immerse yourself in a visual and auditory spectacle, and experience the fast love that has made Fastlove the world’s favorite George Michael celebration

June 19

Fish Game: London’s New Culinary Haven Celebrates Sustainable Seafood and Game

Introduction: London’s culinary scene is about to get even more exciting with the upcoming opening of Fish Game, the latest venture by renowned restaurateur Roberto Costa. Known for his beloved restaurant group Macellaio RC, Costa is set to unveil Fish Game in Canary Wharf on the 10th of July. This new establishment promises to captivate […]

June 19

5 Things to Know About Award-Winning Comedian Lorna Rose Treen

Lorna Rose Treen, an award-winning comedian, writer, actor, and improviser, is gearing up for her highly anticipated Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut with her character show, Skin Pigeon. From her diverse range of characters to her notable achievements, here are 5 things you should know about this talented performer. A Love Letter to the Ridiculous: In […]

June 16

5 Things to Know About the New Cast of “TINA – The Tina Turner Musical”

The hit West End production TINA – The Tina Turner Musical, which has been captivating audiences for the past five years, is welcoming new cast members to the show. Here are five things you need to know about the cast changes and the talented performers joining the production. TINA – The Tina Turner Musical One […]

June 16

British Gold Medallist and Skating Legend Robin Cousins Launches Stunning New Olympic Ice Centre in East London

he world of ice skating in the United Kingdom is buzzing with excitement as Olympic gold medallist and former Dancing on Ice judge, Robin Cousins, unveiled the magnificent Lee Valley Ice Centre. The £30 million state-of-the-art facility, situated in Leyton, East London, promises to revolutionize the sport in the region and provide a much-needed boost […]

June 16

Fielding Edlow: The Hilariously Dark and Unfiltered Voice of Comedy

Fielding Edlow is a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy. With her serious comedic talent and knack for sardonic zingers, she has captivated audiences and critics alike. From her award-winning web series, Bitter Homes and Gardens, to her solo live show Gaslighting is My Love Language, Edlow fearlessly explores the depths […]

June 16

Five ways to promote your business with Print marketing. 

In today’s digital age, print marketing often takes a back seat to online strategies. Since the term ‘Digital Marketing’ was introduced in the 1990’s it has stolen the spotlight. However, print materials still hold tremendous potential to reach and engage your target audience and should be used along with digital marketing rather than as a […]

June 16

Enhancing Space with Mirrors: Make Your Room Look Bigger

In the quest to maximize space and create a sense of openness, mirrors prove to be valuable assets for interior design. By strategically placing mirrors, you can effortlessly make your room appear larger and more spacious. In this article, we will explore effective techniques for using mirrors to enhance the perceived size of your room […]

June 16

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

A generator might seem like a worthwhile investment for your home. It’ll provide you with an alternative source of power – which, if you live in a rural area where the grid can’t be relied on, might be a game-changer. With that said, there exists a myriad of options when it comes to generators, and […]

June 15

Live Out Your Barbie Dreams: Oliver’s Travels Unveils ‘This is Barbie’ Package with Iconic Villa Experiences

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