Buy a full stop bowl, watch the back series of cold feet and 3 other things to do today 

  1. Control your portion size for good by buying a full stop bowl. This bowl the same size as a human stomach is designed to stop you over eating. 
  2. Commit to doing 15 minutes of exercise per day. Something is better than nothing. Run outside or on the treadmill. Swim in a pool or lake. Do whatever, just do something! 
  3. Take a shot from your hotel balcony. This swimming pool shot is taken from the third floor of our hotel in Gran Canaria – The Lopesan Baobab in Meloneras. 
  4. Start watching the back series of Cold Feet. The ITV series began in 1997 and is definitely worth a watch. 
  5. Go to the Bearcat Comedy club in St Margarets, Twickenham this Saturday 21st October and see some great acts including the very funny RAYMOND & MR TIMPKINS REVUE