Momos, Petritis Restaurant and changing your life in 5 seconds 

  1. Read the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. Transform your work, confidence and life in just seconds. 
  2. Enjoy the state of the art lighting on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This is probably old news to most but we had never seen it. 
  3. Treat yourself to fine dining at Petritis restaurant in Molesey, Surrey. We recently booked the restaurant for our sons christening party and the food was truly impressive. 
  4. Dine at Phewa in Molesey and order a starter of Momos. These Nepalesian dumplings are beautiful and made with care. 
  5. Design and make your own Peter Rabbit themed christening cake using a Waitrose Fiona Cairns vanilla sponge celebration cake. The Peter Rabbit figurine is from the Peter Rabbit shop online. 

If you would like to contribute your 5 things then please do get in touch.