December 16

Decor Disaster! Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

For some homeowners, the new year is the perfect time to review their home’s rooms and see if any decors could use some updating or a complete redesign. After all, a brand new year is all about new beginnings and a fresh-looking house could help to inspire other areas of your life too!

When you are planning your new redesign, though, you need to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible and that all errors and mistakes are kept to a minimum. Most kinds of problems can be costly to rectify, and they could even push your schedule further back.


Using Unsustainable Or Banned Materials

These days, one of the biggest trends in interior design is using sustainable materials. These are materials that don’t cause too many emissions when they are being produced. They include natural products, like wood, cork, and glass. But it’s not just sustainable materials that you need to be aware of; you should make sure that you don’t buy any products that put animals in danger. For instance, there are now a lot of people in favor of ivory. That’s because banning ivory items reduces poaching and keeps elephants safe. More and more species are now listed as endangered, so it’s important that your home’s interior doesn’t make the situation worse for any animal.

Not Drawing Out A Plan

There’s a good chance that redesigning one of your room’s interiors will involve moving some, if not all, of the furniture around. If this is the case for you, then it is necessary to draw out a plan. This should be a brief outline of the room with the new furniture layout. Failing to do this increases the chance of you coming up with a layout that doesn’t really work or flow as well as what you had wanted. At least looking at this plan will give you a brief idea of how the room will look once set up.


Forgetting To Take Lighting Into Consideration

Lighting can make or break a room. If you are going for deep or dark shades on the room’s wall, then it’s a good idea to optimize the lighting however you can. Otherwise, a lack of lighting against the dark colors could leave the room feeling dim and dingy. If possible, allow lots of natural light to flood in. If your windows aren’t big enough to let lots of natural light through, then you can place lamps around the room in strategic places.

Cluttering Up The Walls

Adding framed prints, photos, and artworks to the walls of a room is a great way to inject a bit of style. However, don’t add too many frames to one wall or else it will feel very cluttered. This is especially the case if you hand items on all four walls. If you have a lot of prints or photos for one room, then you can try elegantly hanging them on one wall to create an accent wall. But you still need to be careful that you don’t overdo it.

Hopefully, you don’t make these mistakes!