November 22


5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Super Quick Sale

Getting your house onto the market in a hurry can be an overwhelming task; you never thought you would be in this position but you want a super smooth and quick sale for your property right now. There are so many ways that you can get your home prepared for this, whether you’re trying out simple house cleaning ideas or touching up the paintwork. Take all of the following ideas on board and your humble home will be ready in a flash for its new prospective owners.

1. Get Your Property Valued

Before you make any drastic changes to your home, you need to know how much your home is worth in the first place. Get a professional to come round and inspect your house in detail and take on board any tips when valuing your property too. Any changes you make will have an effect on your homes worth, so keep this in mind when you’re making the relevant tweaks. Once you know how much your house is currently worth you will be able to make some positive changes to boost this.

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2. Retouch the Paintwork

A simple paint retouch will boost the appeal of your home to potential buyers instantly. Try to focus on the finer details rather than repainting entire walls in your home; this is a huge project that will take far too long to complete. You should think about painting skirting boards, door frames and other smaller areas that might need a little tender loving care.

3. Clean Up the Outside

Before the potential buyers even walk into your home, they will have already made a judgement on the outside of the property. If the garden needs work or the front paintwork is worn away, then you need to find a quick and easy way to spruce it up a little. Repaint your front door with an eye-catching color that will draw them in instantly. Sweep up any fallen leaves, trim the lawn and plant some vibrant flowers to make everything look even more attractive too.

4. Go Minimal

When you go and look around a house, you want to be able to envision yourself living in it. Try to keep your personal belongings tucked away as much as possible, so that the viewers can really see themselves living there. Adopting a minimalistic and tidy approach will speed up the sale of your home for sure. “You can opt for great looking cheaper renovations like splashbacks as opposed to tiles which give a modern look.” Added

5. Write Lists

Have a little walk around your house and see if there are any quirks that you should let the buyers know about. The more open information you can give to them when they are looking around the more intrigued they will be by the property. Perhaps you left the under floor heating on in the bathroom once and you ended up with a sky high utility bill. Giving out little hints and tips will make them feel welcome and safe in your home, therefore more likely to buy it.

If you can consider all of the following ideas, your home will be ready for a super quick sale in no time!