December 14

Employee Wellbeing: Why It Matters And What To Do About It

If you’re a business owner, one of the biggest things you should be concerned with is your employee wellbeing. Ensuring your employees are happy and healthy will go a long way to making sure your business thrives. Below, we’ll talk more about why your employee wellbeing matters and what you can do about it. Take a look!

Why Employee Wellbeing Matters

Employee wellbeing is something more and more business owners are realizing is of great importance. When you focus on employee wellbeing, ensuring employees are physically and mentally healthy, you should notice improved performance. Not only that, you’ll enjoy less employee turnover, as more employees feel satisfied at work and even loyal to you. This will save you so much money and time, not to mention your reputation will be great. You’ll increase your operational efficiency overall when you focus on your employees like this – seriously, they are as important as your customers, and should be treated as such.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can do about it.


What Can You Do To Enhance Employee Wellbeing?

Now you know it’s a must to take good care of employees health and wellbeing, there are a few things you can do to get started. First, you’ll want to focus on health and safety in the workplace. Your employees are not going to feel happy and engaged if they are working in an unsafe environment, and you don’t seem to care. Make sure you take on regular risk assessments, and encourage your team to come to you with any concerns – then, make sure you act on those concerns right away.

You can take care of your employee’s health and wellbeing by providing healthy snacks and drinks, and even by giving them incentives, such as gym memberships. You should make an effort to support knowledge-sharing culture, too. This results in inter-connectivity and rapid change within an organisation.

Ensure you encourage regular breaks. No employee should be eating lunch at their desk, or feel like they have to. Make sure you encourage them to get away from their desk by having an area they can relax for the duration of their break. You could even allow naps – many companies are now incorporating nap pods into their culture, as they realize just how effective they can be on an employees health and wellbeing, not to mention things like memory retention! A short 15-20 minute nap each day could allow your employees to put out their best work. Something else you can do is plan a trip with your team. This will act almost as a team building exercise, although it’s important to note that actual team building exercises can be tricky, as your extroverted and introverted employees just won’t have the same tastes. Instead, going out for lunch together can serve as a fun bonding experience for all.

What will you do to make sure you’re focusing on employee wellbeing? Leave your own ideas and tips in the comments. Thanks for reading!