December 18

5 Things That Will Give Your Business A Productivity Boost

A business’s success isn’t only determined by how good their product or service is, how they market it, and how they take after customers. It relies on the everyday running of an efficient, hard-working machine. There are plenty of processes that go into delivering those products and services, and you need a productive team to take care of them. How do you make sure they’re productive enough to keep you succeeding?


The right tools

If your team is underequipped, then they aren’t going to be able to do their jobs as efficiently. In the average office work environment, your IT and the software you use is the tool that likely needs the most attention. Managed IT services can help you create a much more reliable network, find and develop the necessary software tools, and ensure there’s less downtime getting in the way of work.

Structuring the workday

A lot of time gets wasted because many people simply aren’t taught how to effectively organise their workday. Project management software not only helps your team communicate, but some have the tools to manage and schedule the individual’s entire working day. Learning how to prioritise which work is done today, how to batch schedule similar tasks closer together, and how to decide which work can be left for another day can help them get much more done in the time they have.

Goal tracking and setting

For both motivational and practical reasons, keeping your team’s eyes set on the prize is essential. For those who are doing similar work time and time again, setting key performance indicators for the team can help them set goals for themselves and gain better insight into barriers that might be in the way of peak performance. Daily communication on the goals of the team can help them maintain a focus on their most important work, too.

Employee wellbeing

If they are getting sick or injured, they are not getting work done. The more absences you have, the greater the burden on the rest of the team that’s present, decreasing their own productivity. Health and safety in the workplace is important, not least because it directly impacts productivity. Similarly, a healthy approach to sick days is needed. Too many bosses are strict with ill workers, which only increases the risk that a bug can spread through the office, making more of an impact than it needs to.

Keeping morale high

People work better when they like their workplace better. There are plenty of everyday and occasional things you can do to improve morale. For the everyday, designing a more comfortable workspace and showing the proper appreciation (and reward) for hard work helps. More occasionally, an office party from time to time can help you maintain that all-important morale.

If you want your team to be productive, then your primary concern should be to invest in them. Invest in their wellbeing, their morale, the tools they use to get their work done and you should see your goals being met much more easily.