How to Throw an Awesome Office Holiday Party Your Employees Will Love

Are you looking to throw an awesome office holiday party that your employees will love? Read on to learn how it’s done.

There’s not a better time to celebrate holiday cheer and a year of hard work quite like the annual office holiday party. So the last thing you want to do is plan a lackluster one.

While some may believe any party is better than no party, a bad office party can make your employees feel unappreciated. And that can backfire in a big way.

So how do you throw an awesome office holiday party your employees will love?

Read on for some creative ideas that they will never forget.

Don’t Skimp on Theme and Decorations

The office holiday party is a once a year affair. So make it special!

Pick a theme and go all out on the holiday party decor. Make the place feel like a winter wonderland or Santa’s workshop.

But no matter how you choose to decorate, make your employees feel like they’ve walked into something special as soon as they come through the door.

And add fun “extras”, such as office catering and music. If children will also be attending, bring in a Santa. Or have a professional photographer come to take everyone’s photo.

Give Back

The holidays are all about giving. So make a point to give back by incorporating a charity into your event.

It can be as simple as organizing a toy drive for a local charity. Have employees bring in coats and cold weather accessories to give to a homeless shelter. Or have everyone bring in food to give to a local food bank.

And if you really want to make it the focal point of your party, have everyone gather at a soup kitchen or other charity to volunteer your time. It’s still a great way to spend time together while giving back to the community.

Plan an After Party

Office holiday parties can have a reputation for being wild and getting drunk with co-workers. But not everyone is keen on that idea.

Why not plan a fun outing for everyone earlier in the day. Maybe take everyone bowling or take a holiday cooking class together. Then, after that’s over, plan an after party of dinner and drinks for those who want to attend.

That way people who want to take part but don’t want to be out late drinking or who need to get home to kids can still have fun. And those who do want to extend the fun can do so.

Make the Effort for a Personal Thank You

Holiday parties are fun and great. But the true meaning of the season is to express appreciation and gratitude to the people who work for you.

Make an effort to give each of your employees a personal thank you for all they do throughout the year.

This can take the form of a gift card, personalized gift, or a cash bonus. And give it in a way that feels meaningful and thoughtful.

Because it’s easy to send out canned holiday greetings. But it means so much more when you put out true effort.

Make Your Office Holiday Party a Lasting Memory This Year

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Show them how much you appreciate them by throwing the best office holiday party they’ve ever had!

And once the party is over, check out these tips for getting back to business basics for the new year!