November 08




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For a lot of us, being a student means being broke, so if you intend to try and pass your driving test while studying, you are going to need to make every penny count. Although taking driving lessons while you’re studying may sound like an unnecessary additional burden, you are, after all, spending most of your waking hours studying, it’s actually a very good time to learn to drive. As a student you have the flexibility to take lessons when you are fresh and alert, rather than at the end of a working day. Also, graduating with a driving licence is a great way to enter the jobs market. It won’t be easy but it’s well worth the effort, so here are five suggestions for saving money.

1) Apply online for your provisional licence

Currently, a provisional licence by post will cost you £43, you’ll save ten pounds by buying online.

2) Revise for the theory test online

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of the theory test. Just because you are studying for a degree doesn’t mean that you’ll sail through the theory test without any preparation. Failing the test is waste of money so make absolutely sure that you pass first time by testing yourself using the online theory tests.

3) Shop around for a good deal on driving lessons

On average, it takes around forty-five hours of lessons to pass a driving test, that’s around a thousand pounds. Many instructors will offer free or cheap introductory lessons and if you can block book your lessons, you could save as much as 25% of the overall cost. Don’t sign on with an instructor that you are not happy with, no matter how cheap they might be. You need an instructor with whom you feel comfortable and in whom you have confidence, because if you don’t it’s going to take a lot more lessons before you pass the test.

4) Get as much practice as you can

All road experience is going to help build your confidence and help you deal with traffic conditions so going out with a family member or friend is a good idea. The person accompanying you will need to be over twenty-one years of age, will need to have held their licence for at least three years and will need to be qualified to drive the car you’re learning in. You’ll need learner insurance if you decide to learn with a friend or family member, so be sure to shop around for a competitive quote.

5) Book your test for a weekday

As a student you have more control over your time than someone who is at work so book your driving test for a weekday, before 4.30pm. Not only is this cheaper but it also means that you can avoid taking your test in rush hour conditions.