November 07


5 Quirky Ways To Make Money From Home

One of the biggest trends at the moment is remote working. Every company that turns is down is losing potential talent that could take their business to new heights. So many people are now sick of doing the commute twice a day, having to shift work to fit their families and not being able to have any semblance of work/life balance, that more and more are looking for work that is flexible enough to do from home.

Working from home isn’t easy, though, and it’s important to know that before you head off on a quest to find the perfect remote career. However, it’s rewarding. While for some, it can be hard to stick to a schedule and actually find that balance between home life and reaching deadlines, others thrive on the challenge! Everyone wants to make money, and if you can do it with your feet up on the sofa, why wouldn’t you? The issue? Finding the right career to make some cash from home. Instead of focusing on that initially, you could figure out if you have what it takes to manage your own workload by checking out these 5 quirky ways to make a little dough without leaving the house.

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Testing, Testing.

There are so many jobs out there currently for product testers. Companies will send you the product, you test, review and share about it on social media, and boom – you’re making bank. What you don’t make in cash, you make in products.

Arithmetic, Anyone?

If you’re good with numbers and like the thrill of a gamble, you could reach out to sites that beat the bookmaker, so that you can win with a bet or two. These sites like to use algorithms and smart math to win – could you be a part of it?

Pictures, Please

You may not be the pap to end all paparazzi, but you could get smart about taking pictures with your smartphone. These can then be sold on sites like Foap. You could earn $5 every time someone buys your photo.

Rent Your Car.

Websites like this one are perfect to help you keep your car on the road when you’re not even using it. You can rent it out, earn 60% of the takings and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Go For A Walk.

You can build this one around your commitments, but websites like this pay you to complete tasks out and about in a public space. You can build this into your family life, the time that you take to get out and around with others and this could be a great job for you if you like being in the great outdoors. Staying active? Not always easy, but definitely worth the extra cash.

Remote working is finally getting the attention of employers, so while you’re looking for your dream home working role, you could try any of the five ways to make money, instead.