November 07


To Drive Or To Uber – Do You Really Need A Car Anymore

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Rideshare apps like Uber are big business right now. They are widespread in all towns and cities, and now make it easier than ever to call up a lift. You simply open the app on your phone and request a driver to pick you up. You don’t even have to pay in cash as payment is made automatically in the app.

As Ubers are so convenient, it’s amazing that people are still buying cars themselves. After all, who needs a car when you can simply call for a lift for Uber? Well, there are a few people who are contemplating selling their car and only using rideshare apps, but is that really the best way forward for us all? Here are some arguments in favor of both owning a car and solely using these handy apps.

In Favor Of The Car

  • There Are Ways To Cut The Cost

Some people think that you can save a significant amount of cash by only using apps like Uber. However, cars aren’t always as expensive as what you might think. Instead of spending money on costly gas and diesel, you can save cash by going with alternative suppliers, such as New Era Fuels. As well as that, you should also find that shopping around online can often bring up some reasonably priced insurance deals.

  • You Can Go To Remote Regions

When you own a car, you will be able to go wherever you want. You won’t be restricted to only the areas that rideshare app drivers will go to. Some Uber drivers don’t like going too far from the city or going to some rough urban areas, but you won’t have that issue when you drive yourself.

  • Your Car Is An InvestmentBuying a car is an investment. If you do it up and sell it on, you could make a nice little profit. And that’s something you can’t do with an Uber.

In Favor Of Ride-Share Apps

  • No Need To Pay For MaintenanceOf course, if you do rely on Uber lifts, then you won’t have to worry about taking care of any car maintenance. As the car does not belong to you, any damage that occurs while you are being driven around in it will be the responsibility of the driver and company. So, that’s one load off your mind! As well as that, you won’t have to worry about insurance. Passengers who take rideshare apps don’t need to take out any extra insurance as they should be covered by the company’s policy.
  • Can Save Space On Your Property

One of the big things to think about when you buy a car is where you are going to put it. Some homeowners like to add a garage or driveway to their property. You can save this space if you just use rideshare apps, and could instead use the space to add an extra room to your home for extra living space!

So, will you choose your own car or to simply rely on Uber?