September 19


3 ways to Make Money Online


You’ve probably heard people say that they make money online. Or, received emails telling you that you can make thousands in minutes without doing anything. If you use the internet to surf, use the odd app and stream the occasional film, this might seem out of the realm of possibility. Well, unfortunately, in many cases, it probably is. Most of these promises of great riches with little work are scams, and you certainly shouldn’t sign up for anything or give anyone any money without doing lots of research.

But, there are certainly ways that you can make money online. Some take a lot of effort but can make you a decent amount. Others take very little work but only make a little pocket money. Like real life, the more effort and time you are willing to put in, the more you are likely to make. Here are just three of the ways that you could make money online.

With a Blog

Blogging can be a great way to easily make a little pocket money or even a way to make a full time living with your own business from home. It very much depends how much work you are willing to put in and how much free time that you have to devote to your blog. As a blogger, you can use online marketing and affiliate marketing to make money. You can work with brands or sell advertising space. You can collaborate with companies or host guest posts for a fee. There are plenty of different ways that you can make money.

But, it does take time. You can’t expect to start a blog, get loads of traffic and start earning straight away. You’ll need to spend time working on your blog, perfecting your SEO, building social media profiles and attracting readers before you can expect to start getting anything back.


Like blogging, freelancing isn’t a get rich quick scheme. To earn well, you need to develop your skills, gain clients and work hard. You’ll need to put in hours and effort, but there’s no reason that you can’t earn a full-time living working from home, flexibly as a freelancer.

The best ways to earn money freelancing are using your existing skills. If you are a talented writer, a gifted designer or a competent social media manager, you could do well. Start on freelancing sites, while you build a portfolio, then start pitching to clients directly or advertising your skills on social media.

Online Surveys

You might have heard about online surveys. Or seen people claim that they make a fortune just by taking surveys online. Well, it is possible. But, unlikely. It’s more likely that you’ll sign up to several sites, get approved to take the odd survey and make the occasional $10, often paid on a gift card. But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth doing. Online surveys can be an easy way to give your income a little boost, which can be especially useful when times are tough, or you’re saving for the holidays.