September 19


Construction Site Accidents – What Do Bosses Keep Getting Wrong?

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces in the whole country, so you would expect all employers and business owners to have all of the necessary safety precautions in place for their workers. Right? Well, unfortunately, there are still a lot of construction business owners out there who are failing to focus on their staff’s safety. As a result, the rate of accidents on construction sites is still extremely high and the profession is still considered to be one of the most dangerous out there.

So, why are there so many failings like these in the construction industry? There are various reasons why, but the best way employers can prevent accidents from happening in the first place is by trying to prevent the various causes. Here are some of the main causes of construction site accidents and what can be done about them.

Falling Objects


One of the best ways to prevent injury during a construction zone accident is to wear all of the necessary safety clothing and accessories. Take falling objects as an example. It is a very common reason why so many builders and laborers end up in hospital, but these injuries could be prevented if they were wearing hard hats. For this reason, a lot of construction site owners state that no one is allowed on site without wearing the correct clothing. If your employer doesn’t have such a rule in place, it’s worth taking the matter up with them. After all, it’s your safety and wellbeing that is at stake.


Falling From Structures Or Scaffolding


Working on a building site requires workers to get up high most of the time. From climbing up ladders to work on the side of buildings to climbing up scaffolding to work on very tall structures, there are so many different scenarios that will see construction workers a long way off the ground. So, obviously, this poses the risk of falling. Falls can then result in a whole range of injuries from broken bones to concussion. Every employer has the responsibility to provide their workers with the right kind of equipment that can keep them safe while working in high places. However, even with a harness and other kinds of safety equipment, accidents can still occur, and the only way to completely prevent these kinds of accidents is to ensure that all workers are sensible and always paying attention to their surroundings when they are working so high up.


Accidents With Equipment


A big part of working in the building industry is working with heavy equipment and machinery. When things go wrong with these pieces of equipment, it can sometimes result in an employee having an accident or suffering from an injury. Thankfully, these accidents can be very easily prevented if the right measures are taken. For instance, all equipment and machinery need to be regularly inspected so that any potential faults can be taken care of. This regular maintenance can keep it running as it should and prevent any defects that could prove to be dangerous for anyone using it. It is also crucial that machinery is updated whenever necessary. Outdated equipment can become hard to use and will be more prone to causing accidents and injuries.


Tripping Over Hazards


Construction workers use a lot of different materials and equipment in their day to day work, and all of these items could easily end up becoming tripping hazards if they were simply left lying around the site. This is one very unnecessary hazard and, thankfully, one that can quickly be prevented and cleared up. Ideally, everything on the construction site should have a home so that it can be put away well out of the way when no one is using it. That will keep it out of the way of workers so that they don’t have to worry about tripping over. One other cause of trips and falls is holes in the ground. If a hole is dug at a construction site, it needs to be clearly marked with barriers around it when no one is working in it.


Forklift And Other Vehicle Accidents


Forklifts and some other vehicles can feature quite regularly on construction sites. These don’t always have to pose such a big hazard, though, as construction site managers should always restrict who can drive them. Of course, any worker who does not already have a full driving license should not be allowed to use them. Even then, it is necessary for potential forklift drivers to take lessons and then a test to ensure that they know the correct ways to drive and handle these vehicles. After all, driving a forklift around a construction site is a whole lot different to driving cars along a road!


Exposure To Toxic Chemicals


Sometimes, workers on a construction site will need to use dangerous chemicals and materials. If this is the case, you need to always wear the correct safety clothing and handle the material appropriately to prevent it coming into contact with the skin or so that you don’t inhale any particles or fumes. Not doing so could cause you to fall ill and suffer from a serious health condition. If an employer or construction site manager doesn’t offer the correct safety clothing and tools for handling dangerous materials, then a worker is very much within their right to refuse to work with the toxic items.


Noise Pollution


Construction sites can be very noisy places and, even though this may not seem like the most dangerous hazard for workers, it can actually be very bad for their hearing. Constant loud noise pollution can lead to various hearing conditions, including tinnitus. The best way to prevent conditions like these is to always make sure employees wear the necessary hearing protection, such as noise-cancelling headphones. Again, this is something that all construction site managers have the responsibility and duty to provide all their workers.

Construction sites can be dangerous places. However, if all of the above tips are followed, they can be made much safer for workers.