August 01


Hey, Kids, Newsflash: You’re Not Invincible

There is not a shadow of a doubt that the current generation of university students have a lot more know-how than the baby boomers and millennials before them. Advances in technology and the internet have kept us up to date and more informed about the world around us, and it’s something to be said that teenagers and those in their twenties today think that they are untouchable. Invincible. Everlasting.

Well, sorry to burst the bubble on this one, but you’re not. You may be in your early twenties with the world at your feet and a university degree in your hand, but you are not going to live forever. There are things in life that can’t just wait until tomorrow and you need to consider your future right now and not later. There isn’t always going to be enough time for everything in your life and the sooner you work this out, the better off you will be. The current generation today is not as bothered about safety and security as we so-called oldies are. They don’t set the alarms as often. They don’t worry about locking their doors. They sometimes even justify having a drink after work before driving because ‘they feel fine’. This feeling of faux invincibility has meant that the current generation of graduates is, well, reckless.

Woman Wearing Red Shirt Drinking

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More and more younger people are going without health insurance and the provision of a will, believing that death is something that happens to the old and infirm. They don’t see Abels & Ames, P.C and think that they would ever need the help after a car accident, so they don’t educate themselves on what to do after a car accident beyond dialling for help. You may think the world cannot hurt you, but it can. You need to be as savvy as you think you are and start looking at the dangers around you and educate yourself on how to manage your own actions in times of trouble. When you’re driving over the limit, or trying that new drug in school, or you’re having unprotected sex, you need to see the dangers and stop living to the mantra of ‘I only live once’. It’s important to remember that you are valuable and vital as a human being, and while you may only live once, you want that to go on for a nice long time!

Self-destruction is a big deal and when you disregard your safety and your security, you’re not making smart choices. Taking a random pill at a party while you’re having fun and drinking may make you feel untouchable, but if that drug mutates with the alcohol and kills you, it won’t be so fun anymore. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Live your life to know that you are a person that is vital to life, which means that you need to stop playing with your health and safety and start opening your eyes to the dangers in life. Take heed, kids, life isn’t infinite – but your legacy will be.