The Essential Guide to Artisan Entrepreneurship

There’s never been a better time to sever the ties from the corporate world to walk down the road of entrepreneurship. More people than ever are choosing to wave goodbye to the job security, excellent promotion prospects, work environment banter and steady wage of full time employment to travel a riskier yet more fulfilling path. If you enjoy drawing, photography, graphic design, making greetings cards, knitting baby clothes or any other artisan craft, you could turn your passion into a money making venture. Take a look at this essential guide to artisan entrepreneurship to help you navigate your first few months of trading.

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What To Do?

People choose to become artisan entrepreneurs because of the love for their craft.

You might choose to combine your love of 35mm film photography with landscapes. Having the outdoors as your office and taking phenomenal shots of sunsets, storms and countryside vistas will leave you with greater job satisfaction. Selling your artwork to fellow photography enthusiasts and making a living from your passion could see you expanding and growing your new business.

You might choose to work with leather to create bespoke wallets for distinguished gentlemen. Searching for opportunities for expansion could then see your artisan leather items stocked nationwide in stores or you may find yourself supplying your soft leather to the top airlines in the world for aircraft upholstery. Every large blue-chip company began as a cottage industry style startup and sought out a niche market to tap and exploit.

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Where To Sell

With the dawn of ecommerce and the Internet, it has never been easier to get your artwork, craft or artisan skill seen by the masses. Having an online presence means you have access to all corners of the globe. Explore craft seller sites like Etsy, Depop and Folksy. Each one has a slightly different vibe and ethos that may or may not fit in with your brand. The online auction site, eBay, still stands head and shoulders above other selling platforms for artisan entrepreneurs. You can now decide a price for your wares and sell them on eBay without having to worry about the stress of setting up an auction.

Essentially, eBay has become another online shop. You can create a trader account or remain an individual seller which may be the best option, at least to begin with. It doesn’t matter where you sell your items, you must make sure that you display your products effectively. Online, purchasers don’t have an opportunity to feel an item, see it working or examine its quality. They are looking for detailed and accurate product descriptions and exceptional photographs that show them every angle of an item. You need to show the interior, the threading, the functionality and the texture of that leather wallet you have just made by hand.

Utilising your skills and becoming an artisan trader won’t make you a millionaire overnight. However, with an exceptional product, an eye on expansion and an appetite for seeking out new business opportunities you can turn your entrepreneurship dreams into a reality.