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August 01

Hey, Kids, Newsflash: You’re Not Invincible

There is not a shadow of a doubt that the current generation of university students have a lot more know-how than the baby boomers and millennials before them. Advances in technology and the internet have kept us up to date and more informed about the world around us, and it’s something to be said that […]

July 29

Essential Investing Moves for Millennials

Image source Research appears to show that Millennials are saving more towards their retirements than any other generation. The problem is where they are saving it. Almost 70% of them leave it in a normal savings account and with interest rates being so low, that is not the wise thing to do. Even worse are […]

July 19

5 Times Owning Your Mistakes Makes You Grow Up

If there’s one thing the Millennial generation suffers from, it would be the love of their parents. Indeed, late Baby-Boomers and early born of Generation X have promised themselves that they were going to make sure their children would have a dream childhood. As a result, parents have actively pushed obstacles out of the way […]

July 12

Why Aren’t Millennials Buying Homes?

Why do millennials prefer smartphones to owning homes? Flickr Millennials consistently receive a lot of stick for either buying or not buying certain things. Some financial experts believe this demographic are spending too much money on brunch. Others believe they’re not spending their money on smart investments, like houses. This brings us to the topic […]

July 10

This Is Why Millennials Are Struggling To Grow Up

Can you think of a generation that has received quite as much bad press as the millennials? This generation that came of age around the year 2000 has a really bad reputation at the minute. If you ask most baby boomers, I’m sure that they will tell you that millennials are lazy and very self-centered. […]

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