August 01


3 Ways To Stop Your Car From Looking Old

We ask a lot of our cars. Every day we thrash them around town, driving over loose roads, into potholes, speeding up the highways, and using them to run our errands around town. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s raining, snowing, or if there is dirt and muck all over the road. After paying good money for the car, we expect it to be our horse, and do whatever it is we tell it to and find a way somehow. And that’s exactly what you should be doing. Nothing but nothing should be stopping you from driving your car in adverse conditions and driving it to the extent that your lifestyle requires. But, spare a thought for your trusty steed, and think about what you’re putting it through. Eventually, even if they internals are fine, get regularly serviced and are maintained by you at home, on the outside it will be a different story.

Polishing won’t do

We always hear about how polishing helps the car look new. That is true, it gives the surface that car showroom look again. However if your car has weathered a lot and the paint doesn’t just lose it’s shine when it gets dirty, but it looks dull, polishing won’t help too much. You can tell this if on a day that the car has been rained on and the sun comes up, if the paint doesn’t glisten or glint, the layers have worn thin. Usually when this happens it means that the oxygen bubbles in the paint have gone, and therefore they don’t trap light in anymore. In this case, a whole new paint job is worth the money. The factory reset that you want, can help put up to a grand of money onto the selling price should you choose to put it up for sale.

Change the tyre look

Just like shoes in fashion, the tyres of car are like the cherry on the cake. If you have tyre center caps, your care is already looking like it belongs in the history books. These large flat discs of plastic are the cheap way to protect the inside of the tyre and beyond it, such as the brakes. However a change of the tyre look, can be made easily by alloy wheels. Stay away from chromes and black painted alloys as tyres that are too shiny look out of place on a normal everyday car, and black wheels are more for supercars. In fact, get a silver or buffed alloys that is broad and thick to make the tyres look powerful and strong. Usually, you should get this desired look with a 5-spoke design.

Bumper woes

The black plastic that is fitted to the front, side and rear of the car, is just like the paint in terms of how it fades in vibrancy. However this is much easier to fix because a black plastic restorer will put the body and sheen in the plastic again, virtually overnight. Plastics dry up quicker than metal or paint, and thus you get an old beater car look, which immediately puts unwanted years on the vehicle’s image.

Washing your car won’t solve the issue, the shine that you get after wiping the dirt and muck off, is only temporary. It goes much deeper than the surface, so getting a full paint job done could be the only option. Tyres and bumpers are the two things that stand out the most when people look at the car, so getting them rejuvenated will bring back the coolness your car once had.