5 Noteworthy Highlights from The Velvet Hands’ Upcoming Tour

Discover The Velvet Hands: their UK tour, new single, acclaimed album, indie-rock vibes, and 2023 highlights.

  1. UK Tour Kick-off: The Velvet Hands are set to begin their UK tour at Hoxton Colours on 1st November, making it a highly anticipated event.
  2. Deluxe Album Release: Their well-received 2023 album ’Sucker Punch’ is getting a deluxe edition this November, adding more depth to their musical repertoire.
  3. New Single Launch: The band introduces “Meet Me In The City”, a fresh indie-rock anthem, adding to the excitement around their tour.
  4. Special Tour Bundles: Fans have the unique opportunity to purchase a limited edition tour T-shirt bundle, ensuring a memorable concert experience.
  5. Extended Vinyl Edition: ‘Sucker Punch’ will be available in a special extended vinyl version with two bonus tracks, enhancing the collector’s value.
The Velvet Hands in action: Bringing their acclaimed ‘Sucker Punch’ album to life on their UK tour