5 Intriguing Insights into ‘The Sex Lives of Puppets’ by Blind Summit at Southwark Playhouse

About the Show:

  • The Sex Lives of Puppets is a theatre production by Blind Summit that explores the intimate lives of puppets. It is inspired by real-life conversations and addresses questions such as what puppets look like naked, the concept of no-strings sex, and the hand movements during puppetry. The play is a multi-layered piece, touching upon puppet desire and deeper human emotions.
  • The show will be running from 4th to 13th January 2024 at the Southwark Playhouse, Borough.

Reviews and Accolades:

  • Various publications have praised Blind Summit’s previous works. For instance, The Guardian highlighted their innovative puppetry, while the Evening Standard described their puppetry as “extremely entertaining.”

About Blind Summit:

  • Blind Summit is a renowned theatre company known for using puppets to discuss unconventional subjects. They have previously addressed topics like puppet alcoholism in Low Life, puppet existentialism in The Table, and puppet possession in Henry, A Ghost Story.
  • The theatre company’s aim is to redefine puppetry. Their works range from large-scale productions, such as the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, to more intimate theatrical pieces.

Key Individuals:

  • Mark Down is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Blind Summit. He has extensive experience in puppetry, contributing to notable productions like War Horse and Madame Butterfly.
  • Ben Keaton is a multi-award-winning actor, who has performed in various theatre productions and TV shows. He has also written multiple TV series for major networks.

About Southwark Playhouse:

  • Southwark Playhouse is a charitable organisation offering a diverse program of entertaining and enriching work. The playhouse operates two venues: ‘Southwark Playhouse Borough’ and the newly opened ‘Southwark Playhouse Elephant’ in 2023. The organization is deeply committed to community engagement and nurturing the next generation of storytellers.