HarperCollins Triumph, Publication Date, Instagram Success, Neurodivergent Narratives, and Authors’ Mission: Five Key Insights about ‘How Not To Fit In

  1. HarperCollins Publishers secured the World All Languages Rights in an 11-way auction for “How Not To Fit In: An Unapologetic Approach to Navigating Autism and ADHD” by Jess Joy and Charlotte Mia.
  2. The book will be released under the Thorsons imprint in Hardback, Ebook, and Audiobook on 15th February 2024.
  3. Jess Joy and Charlotte Mia, founders of the swiftly growing online community @IAmPayingAttention on Instagram, have seen an impressive yearly growth of 376% and have amassed over 100k followers.
  4. The book explores the authentic experiences of those with autism and ADHD, underscoring the significance of acceptance, understanding, and thriving with a neurodivergent mindset.
  5. Through their book, Jess Joy and Charlotte Mia aim to offer support, comprehension, and healing for those navigating the intricacies of being neurodivergent in a predominantly neurotypical society.