5 Reasons Why ‘The Importance of Being… Earnest?’ is a Must-See Interactive Comedy

  1. Unleashing the Unexpected: Say It Again, Sorry?’ is an uproarious twist on Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy brings a refreshing and unexpected element to the stage. With an impromptu casting of real audience members in lead roles and a chain of hilarious events, every performance offers a unique and unpredictable experience.
  2. Critically Acclaimed Comedy: Praised by renowned publications and theatre critics, ‘The Importance of Being… Earnest?’ has received rave reviews for its interactive and uproariously funny approach. From The Skinny to Theatre Scotland, critics have hailed it as a comedic masterpiece that caters to theatre-goers of all experience levels.
  3. Meticulous Logistics and Meritorious Audience Engagement: This innovative production marries meticulous planning with active audience participation. As more audience members step into the spotlight, the controlled madness ensues, creating an atmosphere where the line between performers and spectators blurs in the most hilarious ways.
  4. A Fusion of Theatrical Styles: Drawing inspiration from successful shows like “The Play That Goes Wrong,” “Shit t-Faced Shakespeare,” and “Austentatious,” ‘The Importance of Being… Earnest?’ offers a unique blend of genuine spontaneity and carefully structured improvisation. It’s a comedic rollercoaster that keeps audiences laughing from start to finish.
  5. Empowering Creative Expression: Say It Again, Sorry?’s vision goes beyond entertainment. Through their open-rehearsal initiative and the integration of the audience into the creative process, they aim to reconnect people with their inner artists. By actively involving the audience as collaborators and decision-makers, they inspire a sense of ownership and encourage creative expression in everybody.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary theatre experience. ‘The Importance of Being… Earnest?’ has captivated audiences with its interactive brilliance, comedic genius, and the sheer joy of participating in the unexpected. Join the tour, embrace the laughter, and witness firsthand why this show has become a sensation across the UK theatre scene.

LISTINGS (eight more locations to be announced)


August 23

2nd – 27th Aug Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh


21st – 23rd Sept: Palace Theatre, Southend-On-Sea 

28th -30th Sept: Corby Cube, Corby 


4th -7th Oct Theatre Clwyd, Mold, Wales 

12th – 14th Oct Beck Theatre, Hayes 

November 23

2nd – 4th Nov Coventry Belgrade, Coventry

9th – 12th Nov New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth 

16th – 17th Nov The Grand Theatre, Blackpool. (Booking link to come)

18th Nov Victoria Theatre, Halifax 

24th – 26th Nov Lyceum Theatre, Crewe 

30th Nov – 2nd Dec The Haymarket, Basingstoke 


January 24

18th -20th Jan MAST Mayflower Studios, Southampton 

25th 27th Jan Harlequin Theatre, Redhill. (Booking link to come)

February 24

2nd – 4th Feb Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple. (Booking link to come) 

16th -18th Feb Key Theatre, Peterborough 

22nd -24th Feb The Courtyard, Hereford 

28th Feb -1st March Wyvern Theatre , Swindon 

March 24

8th – 10th March The Customs House, South Shields (Booking link to come) 

14th -16th March Northcott Theatre, Exeter (Booking link to come) 

21st -23rd March March Swansea Grand Theatre, Swansea, Wales (Booking link to come) 

April 24 

5th -7th April The Plaza, Stockport (Booking link to come) 

11th -13th April Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford (Booking link to come) 

18th -20th April Mercury Theatre, Colchester (Booking link to come) 

25th – 26th April Corn Exchange, Newbury (Booking link to come) 

27th April Dorking Halls, Dorking (Booking link to come) 

May 24 

10th -11th May Camberley Theatre, Camberley (Booking link to come) 

17th -19th May Darlington Hippodrome, Darlington

24th -25th May Palace Theatre, Redditch 

26th May St Helens Theatre Royal, Saint Helens 

30th May Palace Theatre, Mansfield (Booking link to come) 

June 24

6th – 8th June Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds (Booking link to come) 

14th – 16th June The Capitol, Horsham (Booking link to come)

22nd – 23rd June Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage (Booking link to come)

27th – 29th June The Garrick, Lichfield (Booking link to come) 

July 24

1st – 2nd July Theatre Royal, Dumfries (Booking link to come) 

4th – 5th July The Tivoli Theatre, Aberdeen