March 29

5 Things That Make Trucking an Attractive Profession

Recently, many companies have suffered at the hands of the HGV driver shortage. For companies working in logistics and freight like this haulage company, it can affect business greatly. The fact that there is a driver shortage comes as a surprise because what used to be a very popular profession has become less desirable. There is not much reason for this when you look at some of the great things about being a trucker.

1. Wage

Firstly, the wage of your average trucker is very good at $40,000 but can increase to up to $75,000 depending on the company you work for. This is a fantastic wage and it may be a little unexpected to what people may have originally thought. There is also lots of potential for certain truckers to earn bonuses and raises based on performance and efficiency.

2. Freedom

One of the best parts about being any sort of delivery driver is that you have a lot of time to yourself. Working in an office is certainly not for everyone and if you are the type of person who prefers less contact with people, being a trucker is perfect. Of course, you will meet many people being a trucker, but it is incredibly attractive for some people to know that they have a lot of personal time while on the road. You’re not necessarily your own boss, but it may feel that way when you are undertaking deliveries.

3. Dependability

One thing that many people like to embrace with their job is being a person that can be depended on and trucking is no different. To know that you are a valuable member of a team and that if you were to be gone, the business would not function as well, is very inspiring on a personal and professional level. Owning that responsibility and using it to motivate you is something that trucking can provide in spades.

4. Exploration

Being able to travel across the country means that you will experience a copious amount of locations. Not to mention you may find work in other countries meaning that you will only explore even further. While it may not be like travelling, it is still exceptionally good for the mind to have such a wide range of scenery that you can encounter.

5. Networking

Lastly, being a trucker will mean that you have to speak to a lot of business owners, employees and associates. With this in mind, you may meet very different kinds of people, some who may educate, some who may inspire. The point is that there is something valuable you can end up learning from the people you meet, whether it is personal or work related.