5 ways to wear a scarf by personal stylist Marian Kwei

I am a celeb personal stylist who believes in buying pieces that can be styled in many ways. One such wardrobe staple is a great scarf. Look for a versatile print in a a colour way that can be worn with a variety of prints and colours.
1. Wear it as a headscarf.
Fold the scarf in a triangle and wear it around head tied at the back. Add sunglasses for a retro feel that will add a Jackie O feel to your outfit.
2. Wear it around your waist as a belt.
Wear said scarf as a belt looping through belt hoops of a skirt or pair of trousers. Add a bohemian feel to outfits with this.
3. Wear as a necktie.
Wear scarf around neck as a necktie. Style into outfits with a western feel with cowboy boots or a cowboy hat.
4. Wear around wrist.
Wrap a small scarf around wrist and wear with bangles for a fresh take on stacking wristwear.
5. Wear tied on bag strap.
Tie a scarf on your handbag to add a new look to your accessories.
Marian Kwei