5 reasons to take a Love London Running Tour and sightsee the fit way! #London #Travel #Running #Health

Love London Running Tours 

Fancy combining sightseeing and getting a run in?  Love London Running Tours have been offering sightrunning tours around the capital since Spring 2015.  Here are five great reasons to do a tour with them!

Run across the iconic Tower Bridge!

Arguably London’s most famous sight, the majestic Tower Bridge is a must-see for visitors to London.  Designed as a drawbridge, it opens on average 20 times per week and took over 400 men eight years to build.  Each year London Marathon competitors race across it just after the 12 mile point, but you don’t have to be one of over 400,000 marathon ballot hopefuls for a chance to run across this iconic landmark.  Instead, see the bridge up close on the Love London Thames Run and – if you like – get an action shot of you running across the drawbridge!

Say hello to the Queen at Buckingham Palace!

Firstly, how do you know if the Queen is at home?  Well, if she is, then not only will the Royal Standard flag be flying (rather than the British Union flag when she’s not) but there will be four dapperly dressed Queen’s Guards standing watch outside Buckingham Palace.  Secondly, whilst no jog past the largest private residence in central London can guarantee a royal sighting we feel our odds of being waved back at are significantly higher by timing the Love London Palaces and Power Run to early morning before the crowds arrive.  If you’ve ever been near Buckingham Palace later in the day you’ll know just how busy the areas gets!  Plus, even without seeing the Queen it’s magical to take in the humungous 775 room palace and grab a photo opp with few, if any, other tourists in the background.

Wear a Santa hat with pride and explore London’s Christmas light displays!

Ah December…month of office parties, mulled wine excess and keep fit resolutions delayed until the new year.  Yet why let your fitness levels suffer just because you have a drinks invite at the time you’d normally do a spin class?  Who says you can’t stay fit throughout the winter season, and what better way to enjoy a workout than to embrace the festive season and take part in a 7km Love London Christmas Lights Run!  Ever since the first Christmas light display on Regent Street in 1954 London’s streets have created stunning exhibition including 90 disco balls inside Selfridge’s 2017 window display and 80,000 twinkling tea lights in Covent Garden!  Every tour includes a mince pie and Santa hat which not only keeps the ears warm but is surely the must-have wardrobe look for every cool runner this December!

Enjoy a post-run coffee served from an old red phone box!

Could active sightseeing get any better?! First, enjoy a 10km running tour routed around Hampstead’s 17th-century old town and through the beautiful Hampstead Heath.  Then, once you’ve finished exploring, see the creative way an old London phone box has been rejuvenated into a rented coffee shop site!  Whilst many of the red phone boxes are no longer used as public payphones there are still 8,000 of them in London.  Find out what makes the British phone box so special on the Love London Hampstead Run which includes a hot drink served from the phone box, a well-earned treat after tackling Parliament Hill!

Have so much fun that you don’t even realise you’re exercising!

It’s true!  Whilst a treadmill run can seem a mental battle of you versus the timer, and your regular neighbourhood run a tad same old, same old, the same can’t be said of jogging up close and through London’s most famous sights!  We know a bus tour can be a great way to see sights too, but have you ever felt that ecstatic post-run feeling after a bus ride that you do after a jog?  Didn’t think so!  And that’s before you look at your Strava and see that the easy pace we ran at actually covered a good 10km on average for the set route Love London Running Tours.  You’ll be amazed at how many hidden sights you’ve maybe walked past before and never even noticed, and how absolutely awesome it is to run through the capital city.
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