5 Facts You Never Knew About The Roads

Drivers often think they know all there is about the roads and driving in general. They think they are experts in the automotive world, equipped to handle any issue and are aware of all the facts. Are you one of these individuals? Well, you might be surprised at some of the pieces of info that you have missed learning over the years. Here are some fascinating facts about the roads and driving in general.

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A Lot Of Speed Cameras Don’t Work

Have you ever accidentally whizzed through a speed camera a little faster than you should have been going? For the next few days or weeks, you sweat and worry about the ticket that is surely going to come through the post. But that ticket never arrives. What’s happened? Well, the likelihood is that the speed camera you drove past isn’t even switched on. This is a cost saving scheme by the government. You have to remember that speed cameras aren’t really checking for speeding but for drivers who aren’t paying attention. If you’re paying attention, you can slow down in time. As such, for them to be effective, they don’t all need to be switched on at all.

Roads Are Smarter Than You Think

You might think that roads use fairly basic tech, but this isn’t actually true. Roads are actually very smart these days and often use machine learning technology. This allows for roads to measure the level of traffic and also predict changes. By making this quick adjustment can be made that should hopefully avoid congestion and other road issues. It’s also true to say that more technology is being incorporated into the roads on a regular basis.

The Biggest Cause Of Accidents Isn’t What You Think

You’d assume that the biggest cause of accidents is a criminal activity. Perhaps you think it’s speeding or even driving under the influence. Actually, it’s none of these things. Nope, it’s distracted driving. Distracted driving means that people simply aren’t paying attention to the road around them. If you click here now, you’ll find more information about car accidents and the issues that can develop as well as the other common causes.

The Young Are The Most In Danger

Perhaps this fact isn’t shocking, but the statistic certainly is. Three-quarters of new young drivers will be involved in a collision in their first year on the road. That’s why it’s important to take it slow when you finally get a chance to spin those wheels and make sure that you are driving as safely as possible.

Seat Belts Can Kill

Finally, we are in no way suggesting you shouldn’t wear your seatbelt when driving. You definitely should. However, there have been cases where seatbelts have been the cause of a fatality, simply because someone wasn’t able to get free from the car when they needed to. A seatbelt can trap you or get stuck, and if the car has become dangerous due to a collision, this can be life-threatening. Thankfully, most modern cars are designed to avoid this issue.