July 17


The Car Checks You’re Most Likely To Miss

Your car is a pretty big part of your life. There’s a lot you can use it for, and there’s a lot of money you can spend on it to make sure it’s always getting you from A to B. Sure, you know what some of the most obvious bad signs are: if there’s smoke from the engine, you should get out of the car. If there’s a broken wing mirror you need a fix as soon as possible. If there’s a broken taillight, you can’t drive on the road.

But what about the checks that aren’t so obvious? A lot of mistakes can be made by someone who isn’t aware of the little problems that can soon turn into very big problems, so let’s go over a couple of them now.


Your Tyres

Your tyres are the part of your car that are going to keep you moving, and you’re never going to get anywhere without them. Considering that, it seems crazy that a lot of people miss them in their pre-travel checks, but they are one of the areas seemingly glossed over the most. Thankfully, any checks you can make are very simple and quick to carry out when you get the chance.

You need to make sure you’ve got a tread depth; you need to have at least 1.6mm all the way around, and you can be fined if you’re caught with less than that. Similarly, you need to have a good pressure, so stop off at your nearest garage before you properly head off and fill your tyres up again. You don’t want to be wasting money on burnt fuel!

Your Insurance

Sure, you already forked out for it and you’ve been cruising down roads with the comfort it’s always there to protect you. But do you know the details of your insurance policy? Have the premiums gone up recently and you didn’t know? Do you even have the right kind of insurance for what you use your car for? Sites such as one sure insurance might be particularly useful for the latter point, as a change could be just what you need. Either way, if your vehicle purpose has changed, now you need to make your provider aware of this.

Your Engine Oil

It’s essential that you make sure this is OK, as anything below or above the right level can mean doom for your car. This is where that aforementioned smoke can arise from, and if the smoke is white or blue in hue, you should probably panic about your engine and get to the nearest mechanic. Always check your engine oil before you head out, by pulling out the dipstick (if your car has one).

Car checks are essential for always having a properly working vehicle, so always be vigilant with your checks and be regular in their occurance. You never know when your engine is going to break down on you without them, and that’s disaster for anyone behind the wheel.