The Facts And Stats Of Trade Shows

Picture From Pixabay

Once upon a time, trade shows were the best way to get a business out there into the public sphere. It gave business owners and entrepreneurs the chance to come face to face with potential clients, and gave them an excellent opportunity to pitch to as many people as possible. However, after the internet took off, the world of business has changed slightly. These days, new technologies, such as websites and social media, are now proving to be a more popular way to help boost a company’s exposure.

But does that mean that the trade show has now had its day? Thankfully not. In fact, trade shows are still an extremely good way of opening up your business to new clients and customers. It will even improve your brand in the eyes of people who are already familiar with it. These facts and stats will show you just how important trade shows and expos still are.

More Than Half The Attendees Are There For The First Time

Did you know that for most people at a trade show, it will be there first time? That might seem like an insignificant fact for most business owners, but they can actually use it to their advantage. As most visitors will have never been before, they won’t have already seen your business there. So, you can assume that the majority of visitors to your stand will be learning about your company for the first time, making it even more important that you turn their visits into sales.

Most Attendees Are There To See Current Clients

You will probably already know how difficult it can be to pin down business professionals. They are all so busy constantly! As many clients find it difficult to arrange a quality catch-up with the companies they use, they take trade shows as the chance to speak to them face-to-face. So, don’t just assume that you will be trying to sell to everyone who comes to your stand at the expo – some people may be current clients who want to go over important business!

On Average Attendees Spend At Least Five Hours At The Expo

That’s a long time to be on their feet all day. So, it’s a good idea to design your stand with this in mind. If you go for a bespoke exhibition display stand, it’s worth asking the designers if they can incorporate a small seating area. That gives your visitors the chance to take the load off their feet and will give you the chance to have a proper chat with them. Don’t forget to offer some refreshments as well, such as bottled water and fresh fruit.

Almost Everyone At The Trade Show Has Buying Authority

You can guarantee that everyone at a trade show has the authority to commit to a purchase on the spot. So, make sure you are ready with your pitches as this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Do you know any other interesting facts about trade shows?