July 09


The Increase In Car Accidents Calls For Action

There’s no denying that there has been a rise in the number of car accidents happening around the world. On some of the more heavily populated roads, such as America, the number is definitely spiking. There’s a number of factors to this, and it doesn’t show any sign of improving thus far. However, considering that the number of car accidents resulting in fatalities are rising, it’s now time to see what needs to be done about the issue. We think there are a number of issues to address, and a number of possibilities that could potentially help to improve the rising statistic. If the worry of being in a crash is always at the front of your mind, see if there is anything in this article that you can take on board, that might perhaps improve the outcome of your safety.

Change The Car You’re Driving

The biggest problem with people on the roads at the minute, is how they’re driving, and the cars that they’re driving. It’s becoming more common for people to be involved in high speed collisions because of the power that the cars they’re driving have. Manufacturers are focusing more on speed and the agility of a car, whilst mixing in some safety with that. What you’re left with is a desire for speed from the people that don’t really know how to drive at high speeds. Couple that with the fact that the roads are so crowded at the minute, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. So, what we want to see happen is more cars come in, such as small sized SUV’s, which aren’t being designed for speed. They’re being designed for space and comfort, rather than speed and looks. This is a much safer approach to cars, and you’ll actually save some money if you were to purchase one. You still get a lot of bang for your buck with them, which is what we like the most about them.

New Laws

New laws should definitely come into play for issues such as speeding, or driving on the phone. They’re the two biggest killers, both of drivers and pedestrians. Speeding might not seem like a distraction, but it most definitely is. The quicker you’re going, the more focused you are on keeping it straight, rather than the cars that might be around you. It also reduces your stopping time, which is why so many people die from head on collisions. If a person is caught speeding, it should be a licensed ban right away, rather than just a ticket or a training course. The amount of people that would be off the road if this happened to them is incredible, and we think it proves just how much something like this needs be focused on. As for driving on the phone, we think that something similar should be given as with the speeding. If people were threatened by a ban, even if it was just a ban for a few weeks, we think it would have more of an impact than if people were to just be hit with a fine from it.


Better Driving Courses


We don’t think that there is much that needs to be changed about the way in which we learn to drive. The whole time you’re learning to drive, you’re shown safe driving techniques, which usually go out the window after a few months of driving. What we think should happen is stricter courses on safer driving after a license is obtained. There should be options for people to go for safe driving courses, and there should definitely be some sort of driving course for those that have their licenses take off them. When they’re nearing the end of their ban, there should be a driving course that lasts a day or two, and if they don’t pass, their license is suspended for a longer length of time. If the instructors don’t see people’s driving fit to be on the road, then they shouldn’t be on the road!


Reduce Your Time On The Road


If you really want to help reduce the car crash statistic, you could try and stay off the road at peak times. The more time you spend on the road when everyone else is on the road, the higher the chance of you running into trouble. There’s a lot of anger, speeding, and stupid decisions that are made during this time. You also want to try and reduce the time you’re travelling for. It’s often found that people on long journey’s who are most likely going to lose focus, are the ones that are going to themselves and other people on the road in danger.