5 Things That Could Be Turning Your Customers Off 100%

It is easy to think your business will just plod on. That it will deal with the sales and continue to grow. But what if that does not happen? What if loyal customers start to buy elsewhere? What happens if you cannot attract any new customers? These are all things that you need to be aware of, and to prevent occurring as much as possible if you don’t want that to happen:

An Unresponsive Website

As well as making sure your website is visually appealing and has the products your customers want, it needs to be responsive to all types of devices. It should not matter if they are viewing your site on a 27-inch PC screen or a 5-inch smartphone screen, it should always look the same.

It should also be user-friendly and not take too long to load. Slow websites are never popular and consumers soon get fed up and move on to the next. If your website is not running at optimum, speed it is probably technical issues, the sort of thing that decent business network services, provided by IT industry experts, can help to prevent. Your website is vitally important to your online presence and you need to ensure that it is running correctly and is easy to navigate.

Not Targetting The Right People With Special Offers

You will often see special offers for first-time buyers or for people who newly register on a particular site. That is fine to entice new customers, but what about the customers that you already have? They deserve special offers as well.

When you are giving out discount codes, free gifts or anything similar, remember to include your loyal customers as well or they may not stay loyal for very long.

Not Retaining Your Staff

There are very few products that are available on only one site, and those that are, usually have comparable products elsewhere.  Your staff are the ones that sell your products and make your business better. They can absolutely be the main can be the reason customers buy from you. Staff can build relationships with customers, and if they suddenly get a stranger on the other end of their phone or email, they may just move on to that site that is a little bit cheaper.

Look after your staff and encourage them with incentives. Just make sure that those incentives are just as good whether they are dealing with new or existing customers.

Not Providing Excellent Customer Service And Value

Your products do not have to be the cheapest for your business to have more customers. Although, of course, price is an important factor, consumers are also looking for excellent customer service and value for money. They would rather pay a little bit extra for these things and if your business offers both, you will build a very loyal customer base.

Being Afraid Of Change

The pace that technology is advancing means that all areas of our lives are affected. This also applies to products for sale. New innovations will improve them over time, and you should never be afraid of the changes. Show them on your website with a positive attitude, and tell everyone how wonderful these improvements are. You need to show that you have complete faith in the better product if you want your customers to buy it.

Avoid these five things and you’ll have almost more customers than you can handle!