July 09


How Owning A Business Is Becoming More Achievable For All

The small business has forever been part of the capitalist dream. The idea that anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and own their own source of income has been the aspirational core of professional life for decades. However, systemic barriers made it so that only those in a privileged position could find the money, time, and resources they needed to make that step. But now, starting a business is becoming much easier than ever, and we’re looking at why that is.

Breaking past big bad banks
Funding has always been one of the biggest obstacles to entry when it comes to owning the business. Banks are as conservative and traditional in their lending as ever and making loans out only to tried-and-tested business models stifles a lot of the innovative ideas out there. However, the future of business investment looks a lot different, with micro-lending and crowdfunding giving entrepreneurs lots of different avenues to seek funding from different audiences.

Rise of the home-run business
It helps that starting a business isn’t necessarily as expensive as it was. Costs can be cut dramatically by running a business from home or using a co-working space. Tons of online business don’t have an office outside their own property, and business owners are even finding solutions to the barriers that this tends to bring up. Many home business owners may face the stigma that working from home can tend to feed, such as the idea that they’re not a truly professional outfit without their own office. However, to see the clever solutions to such problems like using a mail forwarding service visit here. It’s a lot easier to build a professional brand that looks much bigger and more established on the outside than it really is. What’s more, it might be necessary to avoid giving the business any unnecessary obstacles.

Outsourcing is opening up
Employing a team is hard, especially when you’re just starting up. The costs are not to be underestimated, but finding employees isn’t your only option. There’s a growing gig economy of online freelancers and outsourced businesses that can help new business owners get a hand in managing their large list of responsibilities without having to grow a team immediately.

Everything is connected
Classism has always played a role in business. Established business owners are less likely to support someone that they don’t know who seemingly came out of nowhere. Networking could be very hard for a young business owner without connections. But you can click here to see some of the new online networking spaces making it easier for small business owners to find one another. The online world is making it much easier to find an unlimited scope of potential partners and mentors that can offer the support you need to succeed in the business world.
Starting a business is getting easier, but that doesn’t mean running it is as easy. Competition is a lot fiercer nowadays and you need a combination of strong organisational and management skills to pair with an idea that can find its own space in such a crowded market.