5 things to do today at The Guinea Grill, Mayfair

The Guinea Grill 

  1. Sit in the bar area and enjoy a pint. You may also find a plug socket to charge your phone – the usual stuff. This is a lovely historic pub in a quiet area of Mayfair.

2. Book a table and move through to the back. A pub at the front with a restaurant at the back. We are not taking pub tables but real silver service and tablecloths.

3. Asparagus and hollandaise sauce is the perfect order for a starter. You can choose a wine pairing – all detailed on the menu. The sauce was perfect. Not pre-made and served from a jar which is all too common in restaurants – and yes you can tell!

4. Wait for your mammoth steak to arrive (our description). On. Sunday as this was, all main meals are served with Sunday roast trimmings. I’ll let you imagine what this was! Lovely the see a Yorkshire Pudding!

5. No report on dessert as full. Coffee however definitely in order – drinking this in tandem with an excellent glass of Malbec from the main course. Coffee served with chilled chocolate – white and milk together.