5 things to do on a Lazy day by blogger Katie Lauren

Thank you to Katie Lauren for these 5

  1. Chuck on some comfy clothes: pjs, onesie, fluffy socks, dressing gown or wrap yourself in a blanket or your duvet. Allow max comfort!
  2. Watch the hell out of Netflix: binge-watch a series, repeatedly play Love Actually or watch all the films your friends have been telling you to watch.
  3. Eat everything in site: grab some Ben & Jerrys, packet of sweets, chocolates or any cheesy nibbles, anything you love!
  4. Get some company: invite your friend, partner, parent or sibling to come and join your lazy day, this calls for some great chilled bonding time.
  5. Remember to relax: there’s a reason you’re having a lazy day, to forget about everything else… enjoy it while you can and focus on becoming invested into the lives of characters instead!

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