1. Buy the very comfortable and stylish Penclic mini Bluetooth keyboard 

Late night at the office. A hotel room in London. Sunday on the couch. The KB3 Pro Black is with you all the way.

Ergonomics is rarely associated with stylish, trend-conscious design – we definitely need to change that. With the Pro Black KB3 you get the perfect combination of health and aesthetics. The Pro Black editions are designed to suit all your devices and any situations. Connected by Bluetooth, the KB3 can be used with computers, tablets and smartphones. The KB3 has rounded low profile keys which are quiet, tactile and easy to trigger, making for a fast, effective and above all an ergo friendly position. The KB3 uses the ‘tenkeyless’ design which reduces the keyboards footprint by placing it in a closer and more comfortable working position where every you work. We need less straining, less bending and less pain, this is what a mini keyboard helps you with, the wrist, the arms and the neck and now done in style.

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