5 things to do today at The Willow Health Restaurant & Bar Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

The Willow Restaurant & Bar recently treated us to lunch at their fantastic restaurant in Kingston-upon-Thames.

The Willow is a fine restaurant serving the highest quality and nutrient dense food we have had the pleasure of eating.

All food and drink served are carefully thought about to suit the health conscious diner. If you really care about what you are eating then dining at The Willow is a must.


Take advantage of the slick outdoor space situated at the back of the restaurant. On a summer’s day, this area is perfect to relax and enjoy your food and drink.

Beautiful outdoor seating at The Willow Restaurant

The sun is out and the herbs are on the table


Call in for breakfast. This will be the healthiest and nutrient dense start to your day you are likely to find. Breakfast is served 8am til 11.30am.

Full English?


Eat a rainbow of colours. Willow describe this as flinging the door open to nature’s medicine cabinet. Eating a rainbow every day is the only real health insurance you really need.

How many colours can you count?

Rib Eye Steak

Vegan Falafel Burger


Don’t forget to have starters. For us we found the quality of the starters at The Willow was just superb. The butternut squash soup with chilli was the best we have had and the Malaysian beef curry was just brilliant. The curry was served with delicate taro crisps which was a first for me.

Malaysian Curry as a starter

Butternut Squash Soup


Enjoy a few glasses of natural wine without any artificial sulphites or added chemicals. The Willow Restaurant is very proud and rightly so of their 100% gluten free bar.  They also have received official Coeliac UK accreditation – no easy task as the criteria is very stringent. All drinks are sourced with care direct from suppliers that also really care about health and well being.

As a person that perhaps needs to think about health more readily, I did not feel short changed at all. Willow felt like fine dining. The food was tasty, beautifully presented and of high quality.

Other things to do at The Willow Restaurant & Bar

  • Have a run in their running club
  • Take your children to take part in activities – a perfect way to get them into vegetables
  • Hire their venue space
  • Visit the holistic clinic next door

Learn more about the restaurant’s concept by watching their TED talk.

The Willow
16 The Triangle
Kingston Upon Thames
United Kingdom


+44 (0)20 3034 2424