Rosie Olivia – 5 things to do today to make a Bespoke hat

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We are very grateful to Rosie Olivia for writing these five things on how to make a bespoke hat. You can contact Rosie through her site here. Rosie’s clients have included Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice amongst others.


Meet and greet the client who has book an appointment in to the Rosie Olivia Studio where all of the current collection of hats are on show.


Understand what the client is looking for. I ask the questions…What is the occasion the client is attending? What is the style and colour of the outfit? Does the client feel confident wearing hats?


I try all the hats on the client and we first of all look at the shape of the hat and what suits there shape face. We then look at the different trimming options and lastly the colour that will compliment the outfit.


An order is made, deposit taken and I, Rosie Olivia get creating the hat. I purchase the fabric, block the hat, sew all the trimmings on the hat, and to finish, I line the hat with a lining and label.


A couple of weeks later the client returns and is presented with a Rosie Olivia hat box and inside is there beautiful bespoke hat…… fingers crossed we have one happy client who is really happy with their hat and feels confident wearing it!.