Eight facts (not five) about the Royal Windsor Horse Show

  1. Royal Windsor Horse Show was the brainchild of King George IV who set up the show in 1943 to raise funds for the war effort
  2. 72 years later, the show still is raising money for military personnel through its official charity being the ABF Soldiers Charity.
  3. The Show was originally Windsor Horse & Dog Show but dogs were banned by the committee after a lurcher stole a piece of chicken from King George V’s lunch plate in 1943.
  4. The Queen has attended the show every year since it began and competed at the show in her younger days with her sister, Princess Margaret.
  5. Other royals who have competed include Princess Anne, Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh
  6. The Duke of Edinburgh competed in the Carriage Driving at Royal Windsor Horse Show for thirty years. He won it once in 1982 and was second five times. Nowadays he participates as an obstacle judge in the Marathon phase of the competition.
  7. The early rule book of carriage driving was drafted under the Duke of Edinburgh’s supervision
  8. Visitors to the Show watching the showing classes are sometimes surprised to find themselves in Royal company, as they turn to see The Queen watching alongside them.