woman sitting on car under gray sky June 12

5 Advantages of Changing Your Car in The Summertime

Summertime has arrived, and with it an excellent opportunity to swap your existing car for something new and exciting. There are a number of substantive benefits to buying a car at this time of year, which are each worth considering in isolation. Let’s take a look!

Excellent visibility

When the sun is shining, your new vehicle will looks its best. But, better yet, you’ll be able to see any defects more easily. If you think that the car looks good in summer, then the chances are that it will look good at any given time of year.

This applies especially to used cars, which might be concealing a few extra defects. If you’re buying from an approved used dealer, however, you can enjoy peace of mind. For example, a used Audi A3 often represents a substantial saving over a brand-new one, while offering near-identical performance.

Optimum test-drive conditions

Similarly, you’ll be able to take the car out for a test drive without worrying about rain, snow or hail disrupting the experience. The roads will be clear and in good condition (depending on the time of day), and so you’ll be able to push the new vehicle as far and as fast as necessary.

Of course, test-driving the car thoroughly means doing a number of specific things, designed to show up flaws, and really get a sense of how your experience behind the wheel will be in the long run. Make sure that you know where you’ll be driving, and give yourself the chance to really put the vehicle through its paces.

Abundant new models

Many manufacturers choose this time of year to release their latest models, for various reasons. Customers are more likely to be excited by what’s on offer, for one thing.

In the UK, new license plates are issued in March and September. If your number includes the last two digits of the year it was sold, you’ve bought it during summertime, between the two dates.

If you’re looking to scoop a bargain, then it might be better to wait until late in the season. However, if the car you’re looking at is going to be in short supply, then striking as soon as possible is probably advisable.

Seasonal offers

Many dealerships will seek to shift their old stock during summertime, by introducing enticing seasonal offers. It’s worth keeping an eye on what’s being discounted. If you don’t have any particular preference, it might be that you can scoop a bargain during the summer sales.

Holiday time off

If you’ve got a driving holiday planned for the summer, then timing your purchase might mean that you can enjoy it with a brand new car in tow – or perhaps a quality used one, instead.