May 27

London Clown Festival 2023: A Week of Laughter, Buffoonery, and World-Class Performances – June 12th to June 17th

Get ready for a week-long extravaganza of physical comedy and clown influenced contemporary performance as the London Clown Festival returns with its highly anticipated 2023 lineup. This beloved festival has become a fixture of the London comedy scene, showcasing the finest clowns from both the city and around the globe. From hilarious antics to thought-provoking acts, the London Clown Festival promises to captivate audiences with its diverse and talented performers.

Championing Contemporary Clowning: London Clown Festival takes pride in championing the rise of contemporary clowning. It provides a platform for a plethora of talented performers specializing in clown and physical performance. The 2023 festival program is set to deliver another exciting and eclectic mix of acts that embody the timeless art form’s principles. Audiences can expect to be enthralled by performers from various countries, showcasing their unique styles and pushing the boundaries of clowning.

Teaming Up with Soho Theatre: Once again, London Clown Festival has partnered with the prestigious Soho Theatre to host the 2023 edition. All shows will be performed in the intimate setting of the Soho Theatre, Upstairs. This collaboration ensures a fantastic atmosphere and a memorable experience for both performers and audiences.

Highlights of London Clown Festival 2023: Among the highlights of this year’s festival, there are several acts that are not to be missed. Viggo Venn, the fantastic Norwegian clown recently seen on Britain’s Got Talent, brings his comedic brilliance to the stage in “Viggo Venn: British Comedian.” Sam Dugmore presents “Manbo,” a hilarious and campy mission where an action hero confronts his nemesis while showcasing raw male emotion. Akimbo Theatre presents “No One,” a modern remix of H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man,” delivering a thrilling blend of comedy and high-octane movement sequences. Additionally, ten of the world’s funniest clowns will compete for the highly prestigious CLONG award, leading to side-splitting laughter and a showdown of idiocy. Festival favorites, The Establishment, will also grace the stage with their signature brand of stiff-upper-lipped hilarity in “Le Bureau De Strange.”

The Mission of London Clown Festival: Since its inception in 2016, London Clown Festival has aimed to share the joy and exhilaration of clown and physical comedy with as wide an audience as possible. The festival plays a crucial role in expanding the image of clown in the public consciousness, showcasing the depth and versatility of this art form. By presenting an array of performances that embody the essence of clowning, the festival cultivates a newfound appreciation for the timeless tradition while introducing contemporary interpretations to captivate audiences.

How to Attend London Clown Festival 2023: The festival will run from June 12th to June 17th, 2023, at the renowned Soho Theatre located at 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE. With various showtimes available, audiences can choose from a range of performances that suit their schedule. Ticket prices range from £13 to £15, plus booking fees. To secure your spot at this unmissable event, visit the official London Clown Festival website at and grab your tickets now.

Conclusion: Prepare to be entertained, delighted, and moved by the extraordinary talent on display at London Clown Festival 2023. With a lineup that celebrates the diversity and artistry of clowning, this week-long event promises to leave audiences in stitches while challenging preconceived notions of what clowning can be. Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique blend of physical comedy, buffoonery, and thought-provoking performances.