Surrey Hills Vineyards: Producers, Visits, Summer Spectacular, Passport, and Shop


Producers: Surrey Hills Vineyards is a collective of five vineyards – Albury, Chilworth Manor, Denbies, Greyfriars, and High Clandon. Each vineyard offers unique wines and experiences, showcasing the diversity of English wine production in the Surrey Hills region.


Visit Us: The vineyards of Surrey Hills offer a range of experiences for visitors. They provide guided vineyard tours, wine tastings, and the opportunity to learn about the winemaking process. Visitors can explore the picturesque vineyards and enjoy the stunning countryside setting.


Summer Spectacular: Surrey Hills Vineyards host a Summer Spectacular weekend, usually held at the end of English Wine Week. It’s a celebration of British vineyards and wine producers, featuring special events and activities. The event offers a great opportunity to discover and explore English wine in the beautiful Surrey Hills region.


Passport: The Vineyards of the Surrey Hills offer a passport program, allowing visitors to collect stamps from each vineyard they visit. By collecting all the stamps, visitors can earn rewards and discounts at participating vineyards. The passport program encourages wine enthusiasts to explore all five vineyards and experience their unique offerings.


Shop: The vineyards have on-site shops where visitors can purchase wines and related products. These shops offer a selection of wines produced by the vineyards, allowing visitors to take home their favorite bottles. It’s an excellent opportunity to support local wine producers and enjoy the flavors of Surrey Hills wines beyond the vineyards’ premises.

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