Exploring Freedom of Expression and Grime Music: 5 Things to Know about No Man’s Island at The Big House Theatre (11th May to Saturday 27th May)

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The Big House Theatre in London is set to present No Man’s Island, a play directed by Maggie Norris and written by James Meteyard and Jammz. The play revolves around a pirate radio station called Blaze FM and follows the lives of people living in constant fear for almost two decades.


The play explores the theme of attacks on freedom of expression, particularly within minority and immigrant communities. The play’s protagonist is Hughbert, a second-generation Windrush immigrant who runs the pirate radio station. The setting of the station allows for the broadcast of an off-the-grid uncensored political perspective, providing a commentary on ambition and class mobility.


The two main characters of No Man’s Island represent the extremely polarised political perspectives of the next generation. One of Hughbert’s children is a budding human rights lawyer, while the other is an aspiring rapper. The play explores their intense activism from within the system and via social media, as well as disengagement and a lack of belief that anything they do will create any change.


All the actors in the production are from The Big House, an ensemble of care-leavers and at-risk young people who go through essential life skills before coming together to rehearse and perform. The theatre’s work offers training, workshops, and long-term pastoral support for young people to unleash their creativity and build their aspirations while giving them a platform to speak about issues affecting them.


No Man’s Island promises to be a powerful journey of hope, grief, grime, and soul. The music in the play is created by Jammz, a best-selling grime artist and record producer. The play is part of a 12-week programme that first teaches life skills, such as budgeting and tax returns, before rehearsing and performing in the show. The play is set to run from Wednesday 11th May to Saturday 27th May at The Big House Theatre in London.