April 18


The language of flowers: How to use it for a marriage proposal

A marriage proposal is a deal of a lifetime, but it can be easy as pie when you know how to choose the right flowers. Let’s take a look at the ideal floral symbols of a happy, long-lasting marriage to make your big day unforgettable.

With What Flowers to Propose Marriage?

A marriage proposal is an important moment in the life of a couple. It is a moment that will always be remembered. To make this moment even more memorable, you can choose to propose with flowers from Flowwow. But which flowers are suitable for this? In this article, we’ll show you which flowers to ask for a hand in marriage with and how to choose the perfect bouquet.

How to Propose with Flowers

A marriage proposal with flowers can be very romantic and personal. To choose the perfect bouquet, you should know the preferences of your future fiancée. Choose flowers that reflect her personality and that she particularly likes. If you are unsure which flowers she prefers, you can ask for advice from her favorite flower store or a florist.

Choosing the Right Flowers

There are many flowers that are suitable for a marriage proposal. Here are some of the most popular flowers to propose.

White Roses

White roses are often used for wedding proposals. When someone gives a white rose to their beloved, it can mean that they wish to have a future together and marriage with that person. The white color of the rose also represents purity, innocence, and sincerity, which can enhance the meaning of the proposal.

White Gardenias

White gardenias are another flower that symbolizes purity and love. They also have a wonderful fragrance that makes the moment of the proposal even more memorable.

Red Tulips

Red tulips represent passion and love. A bouquet of red tulips can be a sign of your deep feelings and determination to stay together forever.

Pink Peonies

Pink peonies are a beautiful choice for a marriage proposal. They symbolize beauty, grace, and romance. A bouquet of pink peonies is a perfect choice for a romantic and memorable marriage proposal.

No matter the flower you ultimately choose, the most important thing is your feelings for that special person you are planning to propose to.

What Does a Happy Marriage Symbolize?

A happy marriage is often symbolized by flowers. There are many flowers that represent a happy marriage, including:

  • White lilies symbolize purity, honesty, and sincerity. They are a symbol of a happy and successful marriage.
  • Sunflowers symbolize friendship, loyalty, and affection. This yellow flower is a perfect choice for a couple that has a close and loving relationship with each other.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize love, happiness, and loyalty. They are a popular choice for weddings and wedding anniversaries.

A happy marriage symbolizes first and foremost a deep bond between two people who love and respect each other. It stands for a shared future in which you master challenges together, share joy, and support each other. A happy marriage also means that you are willing to compromise and have understanding for each other. It stands for trust, openness, and honesty and provides a secure basis for personal growth and development.


  • What Flower is the Symbol of Marriage?

The flower that is often used as a symbol of marriage is the rose. Especially the red rose represents love and passion and is often used in bridal bouquets and wedding decorations. The white rose, on the other hand, symbolizes purity and innocence, which also makes it a popular choice for wedding flowers.

  • What Does the 5 Rose Rule Mean?

The rule of 5 roses states that if you give a single rose to another person, you want to convey romantic feelings. However, when five roses are given, it is understood as a stronger sign of affection or love. The number of roses given can have different meanings in different cultures and situations, but in general, it is believed that a larger number of roses has a deeper emotional meaning than a single rose.

  • What Flowers Mean a Happy Marriage?

There are many flowers that represent a happy marriage, including white lilies, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums. They symbolize purity, friendship, love, happiness, and fidelity.

  • What Shouldn’t You Do When Proposing?

When proposing marriage, you should avoid being unprepared or feeling insecure. Plan the moment in advance and think about what you want to say. Also, avoid putting too much pressure on your partner or forcing your wishes. A marriage proposal should always be a romantic and emotional moment.

  • What Finger is the Proposal Ring Put On?

The engagement ring is traditionally placed on the fourth finger of the left hand, also known as the “ring finger”. However, in some countries, the engagement ring is placed on the right ring finger. Ultimately, however, it is up to the couple themselves to decide which finger to choose for the engagement ring.