December 04

Author and Historian Dr Nicola Tallis shares 5 things today for us

One: Exercise

I’m a self-confessed gym bunny, and I love nothing more than hitting the gym first thing in
the morning, going to a yoga or pilates class, or having a swim. As someone who primarily
works from home behind a screen, having that hour at the beginning of my day to exercise
really clears my mind and sets me up perfectly for what’s to come.

Two: Drink hot water and lemon

I’m not a tea or coffee person, but for me hot water and lemon first thing in the morning is
essential. I make myself one just before I sit down to write, and it certainly feels like a
healthy habit before I open the chocolate Digestives mid-morning!

Three: Keep a gratitude journal

I’ve suffered with anxiety for a long time, and something that has really helped me is to keep
a daily journal in which I note all the positives about my day. I start by writing a list of all the
things I want to achieve each day in the morning, and finish the day by writing about what
I’ve accomplished as well as what I’m grateful for. Sometimes the simplest things make the
biggest difference – like a stranger saying good morning!

Four: Have a bath

Sometimes I think we forget how important it is to take time for ourselves, particularly when
life is so busy. I always try and have a bath just before dinner in the evening, and use that
time to just relax and unwind. I put my phone away, and I listen to Classic FM. I might even
pop on a face mask! It clears my mind, and gets me ready for a good night’s sleep.

Five: Read a book

Given that I write books as a day job, I had to say this! But I genuinely think that it’s super
important, and also really relaxing. We live in a world where we’re surrounded by technology
and devices these days, and don’t get me wrong, I do use these things, but I try to do so in
moderation. There’s nothing I enjoy more than kicking back and losing myself in a good
book. I like all sorts – obviously history, but I also love novels and books about travel
amongst other things. Give me a book over a phone any day of the week!

Nicola Tallis