December 04


5 things to do today by English actress and voice actress Shelley Blond


Be grateful and appreciative.

We take so much for granted and I try my best to be thankful for everything. Each day is a blessing and I take time to be thankful my family are all healthy and we’re here for another day. People seem to strive for the most this and the best that. To be the richest, the best. But without your health, none of that matters. Take the time to focus on what counts.


Spread the joy. On the trains, out on the street, I always let people know if I think they look fabulous. Many times I approach strangers and tell them how great they look. It puts such a pep in their step and then they go on to spread the same feeling.


Eat that biscuit. If I want it, I’ll have it. Life is short. And I want to spend it eating chocolate digestives. Wearing fabulous shoes.


Look up. So many people walk around head in phone, oblivious to the world around them. Put your phone away and enjoy the sky, the birds and the buildings. Kick up the leaves. Smile at people.


Don’t wait. Get in touch with people that are special to you and tell them exactly why they are so. 

 I do this frequently. I never want to say ‘I wish I’d told them this when they were alive’ 

I tell those I love, adore and respect exactly how I feel about them and it’s a wonderful thing to do.