December 29

5 Permits You Need Before Starting A New Building Project

A new building project presents many exciting prospects when done right. Whether you’re a commercial real estate developer, are thinking about building your dream home, or considering massive renovation work on your current home, you need the right permits before your project can begin. Having all the necessary paperwork will ensure that not only does your structure meet local construction guidelines but that it is also safe. Specific permits you’ll need may depend on your location, so the first step to any building project is to consult your local authority. However, regardless of your location, here are five permits you need before starting a building project

  1. A building permit

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It’s almost impossible to start a building project in any modern city without having a building permit. The building permit covers the entire structure you plan to put up and is the first authorisation you’ll need before you break the ground. Depending on your location, you may provide info such as a list of your contractors, building materials, proposed building timeline, estimated budget, and building location. And speaking of the building location, you may need to have some heritage assessment done in the area if the location is cultural-sensitive. You may need the help of experts like heritage consultants to assist you. 

  1. An electrical permit

Will your new structure need an electrical wiring project? Will your massive renovation require you to change the wiring of an existing structure? Then you’ll need an electrical permit to ensure your structure does not endanger its inhabitants or residents. An experienced electrician can help you secure this permit. It’s important to get the necessary permit before you start any wiring work and that only a trusted electrician handles the wiring work. 

  1. Gas permits

Like electricity, gas is also another energy source most buildings use. And considering its dangers, you may need to get a gas permit before installing any gas energy system in your structure. Also, various regulations cover the use and installation of gas appliances, and you should check with your local authority.

  1. A plumbing permit

You can hardly imagine any major construction without a plumbing system in a modern city. But before you get any plumbing work done in your new structure, you’ll need the necessary permits. A plumbing permit covers everything relevant to plumbing, including drainage pipes, water servicing, sewers, and septic tanks. You may need to provide a list of every material to be used in your plumbing system when applying for the permit. 

  1. A planning permit 

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A planning permit differs from a building permit because the former deals with the appearance of the proposed structure. A planning permit also focuses on the effect your design will have on neighbouring structures and the environment in general. Additionally, it regulates the way you use and develop your land. You may require a planning permit for a new home, an extension, or a renovation. You can speak to the town planning department of your local council about getting a planning permit.

Starting a new building project can be a rewarding venture. However, it would help if you started on the right note to ensure your project’s success. Having the permits listed above before starting your project will help make things as seamless as possible.