October 30


5 Reasons Why Building Surveys Are Crucial When Investing In Property

When you are investing in property, there are certain things that you need to do to ensure the best results. One of these things is to get a building survey done on your potential new property. There are many reasons why people don’t get one of these done, and one of the most common is ‘I don’t have any money for a survey.’ Well, if you don’t get a survey, you might find that you will end up spending more money anyway. So, let’s look at 5 of the reasons why a building survey is going to be crucial if you are investing in property.

They Know What They’re Looking For

You might think that you know what you are looking for when it comes to purchasing a property. But, you have not been specially trained to look for things that not everyone else would see as a surveyor has. It might be the case that you have asked one of your friends to come along as they work in the construction business. This is all well and good, but they will not do the same thorough job that you will get from a trained professional. While your friend may have the best of intentions, they have not gone through the five years of training that it takes to become a chartered surveyor and as such, the quality of their job will not be as high.

Or, you might have been investing in property for a while and think that you know everything there is to know. But, you don’t. Even if you have been doing this for years, it is still going to be crucial to have a chartered surveyor looking at the property for you.

It Can Save You Money


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As we have already mentioned, one of the most common reasons that people give for not having a survey done is that they cannot afford it. Well, to this we say you won’t be able to afford any extra costs that you might have saved yourself by hiring a surveyor. If you don’t have your home thoroughly checked, you might find that you have to pay extra costs that you had not anticipated, for things that you didn’t notice when you bought the house. It is a surveyor’s job to pick up on these things, and as such, getting a survey done could end up saving you a small fortune.

Inspecting The House

When you are looking around the property, it is likely that you are looking at the home and not the house. This is common, and it is not something that you are doing wrong, it is just something that a trained professional will not do. You might become blinded by your love for the property and miss small things. A company like Prinesgate Chartered Surveyors will not overlook these things and will make a detailed report of everything that they find wrong with the house. As they are not going to be living there, they will be impartial, and as such, you can trust any advice that they have given you.

Informed Decision

If you have a building survey performed on a property before you decide to buy it, you can rest assured that you will be making an informed decision on whether or not to invest. Without this, you might find that you are doubting whether everything is as it seems in the property. A surveyor will make sure that you have all the facts before you agree to purchase the property. If you tell the surveyor what you are looking for before they enter the property, they will be able to tell you how suitable the property is in regards to what you want.

They Go Where You Don’t

It doesn’t matter how well you think you have looked at this property; a surveyor will examine it more thoroughly. For example, there are things that you might not know to look for that a surveyor will look at on instinct. They will check all the attics, basements, all the walls, the flooring, the ceiling and every part of the house with a fine tooth comb, where you likely will have taken one look at it and decided it was fine. By doing this, there will be no surprises that will come back to haunt you after you have purchased the property.

We hope that you find this advice helpful and now have a better understanding of why you need a building survey when you are investing in property.

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