October 29


The Ever Changing Automobile

The automobile has come a long way. If it wasn’t for technology, excellent craftsmanship, and a desire to always push the limits by manufacturers, there wouldn’t be the automobile world as we know it today. Some say that it’s the best thing to ever happen in our lifetime, so would easily say that it is the worst. Because for every good thing there is about cars, there always seems to be a bad side to it. For example, when you think about how quick cars are able to go now, there’s always the danger that the speed will kill more people. If you think about how expensive cars are now, there’s always the risk of people going into debt because of it. Finally, because of the amount of people now on the roads, there’s always the risk of more collisions. But, we’re not necessarily just here to talk about the negatives. The many positives to driving make it one of the best advancements in the world, and that’s what we want to talk about today.

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The Engine Changes

The engine changes are the first thing that we really want to talk about, because boy have the come a long way. Even if you think about a few years ago, when hybrid technology was just emerging in what we now know as a basic form. The advancements in hybrid technology are making vital contributions to the safety of our environment, as well as our pockets. Fuel lasts so much longer, and cars can be charged to ensure it can run on battery power. Not only that, but engines in sportscars have really proved to us that the advancement in engine technology and precision have been huge. Take the Koenigsegg One:1 has one BHP for every kilo that the car weighs. It uses a 5.0L V8 four valves per cylinder engine, with a whopping 1322 BHP. It is an amazing piece of engineering, and is classed as a hypercar. The best of its kind, and hopefully more manufacturers produce something similar in the future!

The Price Changes

Moving away from engines that none of us will ever be able to drive, we want to talk about why. If you wanted a car like that, you’d have to be a billionaire with money to burn. But, we do want to talk about how expensive everyday cars are getting as the technology develops. It’s far more expensive to buy mid range cars, even the ones we really like the look of. If you compare car hire online, you will slowly see the prices going up and up depending on the brand and model you get. But, a lot of people enjoy hiring the mid range cars to give a look of a certain social status. That does not mean that there aren’t cheap cars out there, but you do definitely pay for what you get!

The Lifestyle Changes

Finally, we wanted to touch on that social status comment a little more. People are now seeing cars as a fashion statement. The better the car, the more expensive you in general look! The race to please through automobiles has definitely increased, which says a lot about how the design of the cars has been improved.