October 27


5 Relaxing Things to Do in India #travel #India

India is a country of splendor. It is alive and real. When you think of India, you may think that it’s chaotic and challenging. There is actually an abundance of opportunities to just relax and be at peace with your surroundings. It’s easy to get out of the big cities and find your bliss. All said and done, India is the birthplace of yoga. It is home to the Dalai Lama and the peace of Buddhism actually stems from Hinduism. There are many places to do yoga training in India or you can attention meditation or yoga retreats. There are places that are so serene, you’ll forget all about Mumbai. Here are 5 relaxing things you can plan when you take a trip to India.

  1. Visit Dharamsala and Touch the Heart of the Tibetans

Dharamsala sits in pristine natural surroundings among the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is home to the Dalai Lama after he fled Tibet and the upper portion of Dharamsala is primarily inhabited by the Tibetan people. There are hikes you can take where you’ll be the only one around. The birds are plenty here and if you want to break out some yoga poses at a viewpoint, you won’t have an audience.

You can casually hang out at a coffee shop reading all afternoon, do some incredible trekking into the mountains, visit a tea plantation, or even do your yoga training here. Everything on offer here is peaceful and it might provoke some creativity to come out when you see the art that exists all around the area. If you’re looking for peace, this is a perfect place to visit.

  1. Have Some Beach Time in Relaxed Goa

Goa has long been a laid-back beach town where you can let go of all your stress and just enjoy your life. There are so many different beaches here so you can get away from the crowds. Regardless, if you’re among the people, everybody is so relaxed that it only adds to the pure bliss of the area. There are many activities you can do here to feel even more relaxed. You can wake up early and do yogic breathing on the beach or take in some classes by yoga teachers that are visiting here. There are also studios that offer meditation and yoga classes.



  1. Go to the Birthplace of Yoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a special place that attracts yoga teachers, aspiring yogis, seekers, and sages. It is the birthplace of yoga and sits along the sacred Ganges River. It is considered the International City of Yoga and here, you will find a kind of peace you won’t believe is real. You will instantly feel relaxed and at peace here. While many people will talk to you, they do so gently. If you’re looking to do yoga training, this is a very good place to do it. It looks great on a resume because here, you gain the authentic yoga teachings that are revered throughout the world.

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