October 31


Stylist and features presenter Emma Lightbown shares her 5 things to do today


Get outside! I love going for a walk with my dog or going for a run first thing in the morning, its a great way of waking up my system and getting ready for the day. I’m not a huge exercise fan so if I can get it out of the way early I’ll feel pleased with myself the rest of the day!


Take a moment of self care – lots of us hear the words self care and instantly think of a long bath, accompanied with a face mask and a good book for me however I like to practice self care every time I get dressed. Fashion is often overlooked as a way to take care of ourselves but our clothes can have a huge impact on our confidence and how we feel about ourselves. It sounds fickle but my day is always going to go better if I’m wearing an outfit I love!


Head to the cinema! I’m obsessed with films and nothing beats seeing them on the big screen and of course indulging in ALL the snacks! Being freelance I’m lucky to have a pretty flexible schedule so on those quieter days I’ll often head off to the cinema in the hopes of finding an empty screening – absolutes bliss having the whole place to yourself! I’ll watch pretty much all genres except horror – give me a big budget action flick over a psycho killer any day!


Check out a sample sale – an obvious occupational hazard from being a stylist is that I love to shop! I love a good rummage around a charity shop, a wander down the high street and have even started using some amazing rental platforms however my favourite is definitely a good sample sale. Brands and Designers hold them to get rid of a mixture of design samples, catwalk pieces and unsold stock – the prices are always heavily reduced and its the best place to find a bargain! Also post Covid many brands are now holding them online so you no longer need to live in a big city to be able to get involved.


Do a random act of kindness. I love random acts of kindness, whether is sending flowers to someone out of the blue, buying a gift card and hiding it in a shop for someone to spot or finding someone’s charity fundraising page and making an anonymous donation its a great way to boost that days feel good factor!

Emma’s latest episode of ‘Off the Hanger is’ below.