5 Ways BetterLivingSpace Surrey Can Enhance Your Home – quote ‘5 Things To Do Today’ to benefit from up to a 20% reduction



BetterLivingSpace is a small team of architectural designers and structural engineers based across Surrey and London. We love spending the time to properly get to know our clients and fully understand the aspirations they have for their home. Whether it is more space needed, bringing in natural light to brighten the interior, a way to create a snug or separate annexe, whatever the project may be, we look forward to working closely with you to provide designs that work with both budget and lifestyle. 


We always look at the bigger picture and figure out if you could make better use of your property’s existing footprint first. There is no need to go through the time and expense of adding an extension to your home if the existing layout can be modified to suit. Non load-bearing walls can often be easily and quickly removed to create spacious open-plan areas; a ground floor ceiling can sometimes be modified to create a 2-storey entrance hall, which lets in an abundance of natural light; while lofts and integral garages are key areas to target for relatively straightforward conversions, which often do not need planning permission. 


We always try to create synergy between the interior of a home and any garden space. Your garden should not stand alone as a closed off area, used only a handful of months a year. Bringing an element of the outside world into your home will enhance the available space and make best use of natural light. It could be as simple as ensuring that bifold doors open out onto an outside entertaining area, or constructing a secured garden roof, accessible from the bedroom. We want your home to foster a healthy, mindful environment, which makes the most of any surrounding green space. 


Subtle structural adjustments can cut energy costs and reap savings for you. Our engineers will ensure that optimum insulation is installed and any glazed areas are carefully calculated and positioned to ensure maximum light to insulation ratios. 


We are always happy to advise, with no obligation. Why not book in to chat to one of our architectural designers and structural engineers? Contact the team on 03301 757601 or at enquiries@betterlivingspace.com and quote ‘5 Things To Do Today’ to benefit from up to a 20% reduction on our services.